My Views on ‘The Three Wars Against Nature’ – Nii Amu Darko

Written by Nii Amu Darko, published by Arakunrin Lekan 

Anyone who has known me for at least the past 20 years, knows my unchangeable views on these wars against mother nature.

  1. Climate change
  2. Abortion
  3. Gender fluidity

I will summarize them here, put them in a box, lock the box, and throw the key into the sea.

Climate change

There’s no climate science. It’s a lie. This psychosis suggests that nature is autolytic. That, buried in its own belly is the grenade to destroy itself. That grenade is fossil fuel.

The psychotics forget that the same nature, ever faithful, ever good created the sun, the wind and the rivers all for our life and enjoyment on this planet. Why nature will go all the way to create these things and then create a grenade to dismantle all of them is absolutely counterintuitive to me.

I’ll use coal to build up Ghana and eradicate poverty. Full stop.


Deliberate termination of pregnancy and life can never be a family planning method. I repeat, it can never.

There’s no such thing as unwanted pregnancy. You can’t have WANTED SEX and decide that the result of that act is unwanted.

When you’re having wanted sex, it’s the responsibility of the normal adult to make sure it doesn’t result in ‘unwanted pregnancy.’ It’s not right that you should want forcibly extract what didn’t ask you to have wanted sex.

It’s not a matter of right even, It’s an absolute responsibility towards yourself. Terminating can’t and mustn’t be the solution to your irresponsible behavior of not preventing an ‘unwanted pregnancy.’ The State can’t and mustn’t promote, encourage and fund this dark consciousness.


Unwanted sex from rape. I can’t pretend to know the emotions that flow through a woman who has been raped.

If the sex is unwanted, then there’s a logical ground for the pregnancy also to be unwanted. For example, I can’t imagine what a woman will go through carrying a pregnancy from being raped by her father. I just can’t imagine but even there, I don’t think the automatic solution is to terminate a life.

Counselling and other support systems may be of help. However, if a woman chooses to let go of that pregnancy, the state shouldn’t frustrate her. At the end of the day, she’ll be accountable to her maker if there’s a maker.

Medical emergencies that may kill both mother and foetus. It doesn’t make sense for 2 human beings to be lost if one can be saved.

Other medical indications. Generally, nature aborts badly malformed foetuses as in miscarriage. Occasionally, few malformed foetuses escape nature’s radar. Medical science helps to rectify nature’s minor errors. It’s my considered opinion that if a foetus is found to be severely malformed, the parents are given the option to terminate it.

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Gender fluidity

This is the most dangerous and most deceptive of all.

Wherever we came from, the incontrovertible truth is that, at the beginning there was a male and a female. That’s why we’re all here. That formula has worked perfectly, so why change it? It’s an unprovoked war against nature. A lot are suffering and a lot more will be suffering from this attack.

Allow me share a past experience with you.

I was called to see a 14 year girl who has slashed her wrists bilaterally and taken paracetamol overdose with the intention of killing herself.

Smart little girl. She’ll like to be a criminal lawyer she told me. The mum was present. My nurse was also present. I just couldn’t work out why this pretty little girl did what she did.

The very balanced mum then told me to call her with her preferred male name. She identifies as a boy. I said, “Oh Yesu, maaba, adɛŋ, why?” I said a short prayer for her in my head. I now got it.

We had to check the paracetamol level in her blood 4hours after the ingestion to determine further treatment. We did, and the little girl needed active treatment to prevent the melting of her liver because of the toxic levels of paracetamol in her blood.

I decided not to stitch the lacerations. They were superficial and not actively. They’ll heal by scarification. Permanently disfigured.

I came home thinking about this girl. I wondered what I would’ve done if my daughter came to when she was 12 that she identified as a boy. We thank God for little mercies. I’ve been praying for this little girl to be saved from the claws of the Angel of Death, masquerading as an Angel of Rights.

Sex determination we learned in school is chromosomal: XY is male, XX is female. The father of all deception is lying to our kids that if you remove your breast and penis, you can change your sex. You know it’s a lie, so why do you support it?

Amanfuo, we have a proverb in Ga which says that if the shape of your head isn’t the same as Tetteh, you don’t barber your hair like Tetteh. The treatment for paracetamol overdose is very expensive. Not a single hospital in Ghana is equipped to handle anything close to it. This girl’s liver would’ve melted into failure and death if she were in Ghana. Let Australians do what they want to do. They can afford it. This is why I’ll never allow this Angel of Death to take hold in Ghana. I repeat, never.

You’re a male or female as determined by nature in your chromosome. You can choose to feel the way you want. I’ve no problem with that. What you can’t do is to tell the State that your feelings must change the order of nature. There’re dangerous consequences that even the wealthiest nations are struggling to cope with. It’s not going to happen in Ghana. Full stop.

What’s against nature can’t be encouraged, promoted and legalized.

A man can’t marry a man in Ghana. A woman can’t marry a woman in Ghana. At the same time, I don’t think the State should punish any citizen who believes he or she is attracted to people of the same sex. In fact, the State and society should help, not prosecute them. Some have issues that may be resolved. At the end of the day, we’ll all give accounts to our maker if there’s a maker.

We’ve lived with the Kojo Besias forever. So, we understand that reality. We’ve never had problems with them, at least not when I was growing up in Accra. What is happening now is different. It’s a dangerous escalation from the Angel of Death, and it’s not gonna happen.

Amanfuo, I’m not for turning on these. Quote me anywhere.

Tswa omanye aba.

©Nii Amu Darko
President, ARMI
9th May 2022

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TheAfricanDream.net

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