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Western Union Aida Diarra Chats With Afrikan Post &

Western Union

Afrikan Post Newspaper and had the opportunity of interacting with Aida Diarra; Regional Vice President (Africa) of Western Union (WU), a leader in global payment services as it celebrates 20 years of business with Africa. At a meeting in WU’s Washington DC offices in the USA, Aida gave a thorough insight into WU Operations in Africa as she spoke to …

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African undercover journalists work with police to expose wrongdoings

JOHANNESBURG—Just as Rosemary Nwaebuni lay down on a makeshift operating table in the back of a Nigerian bar for an illegal abortion, police burst in to arrest the unlicensed doctor. Ms. Nwaebuni, who is in her early 40s, wasn’t pregnant; she is a journalist had called the police herself. These types of stings, which she and her crew staged multiple …

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Africans in and out of diaspora asked to take taxation seriously

Nana Osei Amoh, CEO of Auxano Limited Liability Company (LLC), a budding financial firm in Virginia USA has taken advantage of the tax season in 2013 to call on his fellow Ghanaians and Africans all over the USA and those living on the continent to take their financial issues very seriously and pay careful attention to taxation. This is because …

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International Food, an example of African entrepreneurship in the USA

A typical trading scene at an African market Desmond Johnson, an African entrepreneur hailing from the West African country of Sierra Leone strongly believes in staying focused on one’s dream, he believes having a strong sense of dedication enables success in whatever human endeavor we find ourselves in. It is on the backdrop of this mentality that Mr. Johnson has …

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Nigerian numismatist Adetunji Omotola and his love for Africa’s currencies

Adetunji Omotola

So out of curiosity recently got curious about our favorite numismatist Adetunji Omotola and his interest in Africa’s over 53 currencies, especially when the Nigerian made us aware that as of January 1, 2013, the Zambian Kwacha (ZMW) was the strongest currency on the continent. In our quest to find out more about Africa’s currencies from our amateur numismatist …

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Adrienne Nicole addresses sextape involving D’Black (WATCH PRESS VIDEO)

Adrienne Nicole, the Woman in a leaked Sextape with Ghana Rapper and celebrity D’Black speaks out after video went viral. Adrienne is a Philanthropist and  American Politician who lives a private and quite personal life. Since the said video went viral she has been devastated. About a week ago Adrienne lost her phone at the airport while traveling. Then a …

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Gambia: Yahya Jammeh’s wife Zineb hit with US sanctions

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday announced that sanctions have been imposed on Zineb Jammeh, the wife of Gambia’s former president, Yahya Jammeh. In a statement the US government said Zineb is being hit with U.S. sanctions for her role in the collapse of the Gambian economy during the reign of her husband for over two decades. Jammeh in all white …

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