Rocky Dawuni Calls For Stronger Ghana In 2016 General Elections

Rocky Dawuni Photo by Farah Sosa
Rocky Dawuni Photo by Farah Sosa

Rocky Dawuni has made a passionate appeal to the people of Ghana to bear in mind the country’s “need for strong and transformative leadership” as they head to the polls in the December 7, 2016, general elections.

The GRAMMY-nominated Afro Roots musician and activist, echoed this appeal when TheAfricanDream.net called him up to find out what he had to say about the pending elections in his native Ghana.

The musician stated, “when you look at the current global political landscape and its rising populist and nationalistic shifts; exemplified by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in America we have to understand that our success as a nation and as Africans lie in our own hands and our ability to adapt to changing circumstances.”

Rocky Dawuni spoke on Ghana’s elections in 2013:

This is not the first time Rocky Dawuni has strongly expressed his feelings about ongoings in the Ghanaian political terrain. In May of 2013, Rocky told TheAfricanDream.net in an interview that “One thing I can say for sure is that the process of democracy has to be complemented by the development of institutions that will help strengthen it if there is disagreement.” He said this in reference to Ghana’s opposition New Patriotic Party contesting the presidential election results in the courts.

Rocky who sounded relieved during our 2013 interview about the fact that Ghana’s supreme court upheld the results of the 2012 presidential election in its August 2013 decision said he feels very confident in the Ghanaian voter today and knows they will select the right leader to move Ghana forward.

Politicians must however not forget that the electorate never forgets, they are always watching, which is why they must be careful about their utterances especially on media platforms.

People are politically awake in Ghana and social media has become active in spreading and amplifying our commonalities and deepening our divisions. The voters entrust their hopes and aspirations based on campaign promises and are increasingly more conscious of manipulations when the rhetoric falls short of post-election actions. This is why I want to ask my brothers and sisters in Ghana to guard against manipulations that will end up in political violence.

No need to be a politician to speak on political matters:

When Rocky was asked whether he had any intentions to run for political office sometime in the future his response was: “I am aware of politics and the trappings of political power. My main interest is to continue to use my voice and my platform to inspire hope and be of service to my country and to humanity. I don’t necessarily need politics to achieve those objectives.”

I just feel morally obligated as a Ghanaian who cares about the affairs of his country to speak on issues that do not augur well for our country, an instance being when I supported my brother, Chief Ubor Wumbe Dawuni in his bid to draw attention to the harmful effects gambling was having on parts of the northern regions of Ghana .”

The activist and musician believe Ghana needs leadership that can rise beyond socio-political divisions to inspire and unify her towards a common purpose. “We need a selfless leader that can also truly understand the renewed urgency of our responsibility to Africans on the continent and to our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora“, he said.

Irrespective of whom you vote for in this December elections, when the results are announced in the end, we, the people of Ghana, no matter where we are on the earth, must ultimately emerge the ultimate winner,” said Rocky to TheAfricanDream.net

Ghanaians contesting 2016 Presidency:

There are 7 individuals vying for the seat of President including the incumbent president John Dramani Mahama, Nana Akufo-Addo the leader of the largest opposition party, former 1st lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and millionaire businessman Paa Kwesi Nduom.

The rest are Edward Mahama, Jacob Osei Yeboah who is an independent, and Ghana’s first physically challenged presidential candidate Ivor Greenstreet. General elections will be held in Ghana on December 7, 2016, to elect a President and Members of Parliament.

Source: Oral Ofori

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