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How Nigeria’s Nollywood is dominating Africa’s movie scene

Nollywood signpost in Nigeria, an icon of Africa’s movie industry Nollywood movies or actors’ names is what you will find if you ask the avid African movie watcher to name ten of their favorite African actors or movies. Nollywood – Nigeria’s entertainment industry – is obviously dominating the African movie scene and this piece is an attempt to shed some light …

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Funerals in Ghana, Africa and the world

Funerals are traditional rites that date back to creation. For many cultures across the world, they form part of the rites of passage performed to usher the dead into the spirit world or the afterlife. Funerals are deeply rooted in creation as these rites started to be respected and performed right from the days of the biblical Adam and Eve, …

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The Project Save Your Village or Town initiative of Ken Atta-Boakye

Ken Atta-Boakye, pictured, is like an uncle of mine and even though we’ve known each other for barely half a decade, he has been able to leave a positive mark on me for the simple fact that he’s always done his most to place Ghana on a much higher pedestal. Recently I’ve been speaking with Mr. Atta-Boakye about his efforts …

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