Destination Africa online academy launched in Ghana

Destination Africa has officially launched its anticipated online academy. Since 2016, the organisation has been running children and parent empowerment programmes, focusing on building the learners of today to be the leaders of tomorrow through an African inspired curricula.

The programmes are designed to instil and empower African children and those of mixed heritage through language, culture, history, financial literacy, African proverbs, entrepreneurship, country facts and general knowledge information, public speaking, presentation skills and much more.

Destination Africa intends to create a space where children can learn the skills that are not taught to them in school, in order to prepare them to handle and manage their money in ways which are beneficial to their future.

“We’ve been running these programmes for years and have impacted thousands of families around the globe starting in the UK and expanding to Ghana. We aim to provide resources that would aide the development and self-esteem of the Afro child both on the continent and in the diaspora to achieve and compete on a global level,” said Abena Richardson, co-Founder of Destination Africa.

According to Abena, impacted communities have been asking and “we’ve listened, creating this comprehensive platform.” The online platform is for “great families” across the globe to use the resources to learn and get inspired about the African continent and building their self-esteem; learning and knowing that the African continent has been a great influence to the world.

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“These are fundamental elements many parents miss or overlook. This programme is a solution to this challenge of holistic parenting. We are going to change the game,” said Abena.

The programme is completely online, with specific content that allow the viewer the opportunity to go on a voyage of discovery in many areas, at their own time and leisure. Participants will be leveraging on the power of Destination Africa’s global community, to learn topics and skills that are not directly taught in school. The problem is geared at children between the ages of 3-16 years old.

“We have testimonials of children who have learnt about Africa, learnt new African languages and cultures and gained a sense of belonging. We aim to change lives through this programme. This programme is for parents who realised that their children will need a different mind-set to success in tomorrow’s world and are invested in ensuring they have it,” said Abena.

To find out more about the Destination Africa Academy and how it can build confidence in your children, CLICK HERE.

Source: Destination Africa

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