Nollyhot TV expose America and West to Nollywood

Nollyhot TV is a new entertainment show in the US targeting people in the Diaspora and other audiences that are enthused about happenings in the African entertainment and movie industry. The show which was first televised on January 6, 2016 on ABC2 serves viewers with the hottest news from the world’s third fastest growing entertainment industry — Nollywood Nigeria.

Tim Wilson (aka Black Magic Tim) and Koby Maxwell (Executive Producer) are the creators behind the show based on the genre of Nollywood Nigeria’s film making industry which is an approximate 4-7 Billion dollar a year money-making machine that the creators of Nollyhot TV want to expose to the American audience and Hollywood.

Expressing his personal reason for creating the entertainment show, Tim Wilson says: “I can say that out of this extreme volume of films produced, at least 75% lack luster and about 90% are deficient in the proper technical execution to make them viable in the world market. But lets remember, we are talking extreme volumes, so even that remaining 10% that actually is really good is a huge amount and should not be dismissed”.

Why Nollyhot TV

It is for these very high quality and promising productions that come out of Nollywood that NOLLYHOT TV was created. Each week, The show crams the latest news, music videos and a new feature each month into a 30 minute production. The features are repackaged into TV episodes that is more geared toward a western audience.

Through sales of commercial ad space, the show plans to offer a new market to entice consumer sales and also increase revenue for the films it showcases. $7 billion a year is nothing compared to the countless opportunities available in the Nollywood market where there is also no shortage of content.

Even America’s Netflix has gone directly into this market but faces issues because they need to expand the Nollywood database of films as they are becoming more preferred. Their Successful film ‘Bests of No Nation’ is practically a Nollywood film with a serious budget produced by Netflix themselves.

Koby Maxwell asked audiences to “be sure to catch Nollyhot TV currently on DCW50 the CW (Fridays 2am) and ABC2 (Saturdays 1am) which are respective American television networks. Hopefully, the show will expand to more cities as we seek to make it a national show”.

Currently, Nollyhot TV has the potential to reach 7.5 million homes via the CW/ABC local airings in the states of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia in the USA. The goal is to help commercialize the genre, bring the positive awareness of its good films and open up a new demographic market.

Watch a teaser for the show below

Source: TheAfricanDream.net and NollyhotTV

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