From a Computer Engineer to an Underground ​singer​, meet ​Ghanaian act Sindon

We have had time with upcoming artists in the past but this one from Ghana is a special breed. He has been making the rounds as a rap music artist, and recently TheAfricanDream.net officially granted his first interview. His stage name is Sindon​ but he was born Faisal Bayiali​, we asked about his music​ genre​, inspiration, career, and​ he told us cool stuff about himself​.

U​nderground artist ​Sindon signed to a record label called Pandymonium Inc. He has been recording and performing since 2010 and has songs with underground artists such as his compatriots Fayze and Qoujo Dickson among others in Ghana.

Sindon​ does music in genres including Reggae, Dancehall, and Afropop music and he​ released his first single track last year in 2020, titled I Do which is a tribute to Morgan Heritage​, ​the Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae band.

It would be absorbing to know that his rooted passion for vibes has led him to music. This is because he would go from being a certified computer systems engineer, computer security expert, football administrator, and entrepreneur to finally choosing a path in music. A transformation TheAfricanDream.net found amazing in pursuit of what he described as complete admiration for music.

“Music has always been my first love and will remain as such for the rest of my days”, said Sindon who is an interesting personality to engage, so lively, very friendly, and easy to approach. Even more interesting about him is what he believes inspires his artistry. He draws his inspiration from the “long struggle for equality amongst humanity as I most importantly disavow the segregation of humanity, especially black people, and remain an advocate for the uniting of the African continent.” Particularly freedom fighters all over the world “move me when I realize them.”

He mentioned individuals like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the liberator and founder of Modern Ghana. Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara, and His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie as persons having had a great impact on his existence. He looks forward to pushing their equality status through his artistry. 

It may seem like a bold claim, but in what he does and in the peculiarity of it, he believes there’s only one him, that his music is a sacrifice for society. In the sense that it is a “desired epiphany working towards a positive, collective perspective” — a better world in a visual & simpler term is what he aspires to. Check out his latest, Do Good.

We asked what his fans and the world should expect next, his answer to TheAfricanDream.net was a humble “it’s going to be an enjoyable journey of music treats for reflections and enjoyment”, he said with a smile full of suspense. He went on to encourage artists to be more active, and newbies to most importantly put more effort into conscious music that will inspire generations. On what a wish coming true will be for him Sindon thinks a “reggae vibe with Rihanna will be truly amazing…” for him. Looking into a series of as many artists as he can because music is a “business, and penetration is important.”

We also asked about the impact COVID-19 had on his career and other businesses of his to which he mumbled and said “the whole idea of confinement to the home was weird”. Especially at the very first announcement of it, given nothing in this time has ever held the world to a standstill. So it really was an experience that took a while to adjust to. But between this, it created an avenue for “productive hours and times of deep reflection since I had no choice but to do just that”.

Claiming from personal experience, COVID-19 brought “about the relevance of making use of tools for interaction and dissemination of information in the modern era”. Because it may not have totally been a bad experience for people who can adjust to circumstances around them to explore opportunities in their favor. 

The underground reggae act from Ghana related that to his many hard moments on his journey; from his personal life to his music career, he has had times that made him want to give up. To those currently in that space right now he pleads with to try to persevere and keep going on in hope. In his words “I’ve felt many downs but there is always the rekindling spirit urging me on even though it’s always been tough. I rise from the fall and crawl if need be.”

​Find him on social media sites like Instagram​ as​ ​@​Sindon_qush​ or on Facebook as @sindonqush (www.facebook.com/sindonqush/​) for all the latest news and music about him. For now you can listen to his track I Doon his Soundcloud below.​

Written by Oral Ofori

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