Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery For Breast Cancer Survivors In West Africa

Cosmetic surgery
Dr. Kwasi Debra, proponent of the West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit for breast cancer survivors

The Center For Cosmetic Surgery Ghana (CCSG) was set up in 2006 as a for-profit entity in Ghana by Dr. Kwasi A. Debra and his associates. Based on needs seen by Dr. Debra from patients that need cosmetic surgery treatment devoid of vanity, he has seriously been considering the establishment of a West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit for breast cancer survivors.

The long-term goal of CCSG and Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center; Dr. Debra’s Bowie Maryland practice in the USA, is to enhance the nonprofit hub idea such that more people across the west African sub-region come to benefit from it. Partners and potential sponsors have begun working together to make the West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit (WANCSU) a possibility by the close of 2025.

Dr. Debra, a US based Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon born November 24, 1957, identified some of these non-vanity treatment categories in an interview with — during a meet up late 2016 in Washington, DC, — as being needed mostly by women.

Why a West Africa Nonprofit Cosmetic Surgery Unit

Based on my years of experience from working in Ghana on women coming from across various West African countries to the CCSG, I have been able to identify some of these needs to be in the forms of breast reconstruction and cosmetic procedures for people who have had breast cancer and have received treatment” Dr. Debra said.

The cosmetic surgeon went on to say that “…some of these women after receiving breast cancer treatment might have prosthesis fitted to create the appearance of an actual breast. Eventually, some of them though need extensive surgery that might seem reconstructive with certain cosmetic components involved.

It is for situations like these that make me want to invest in setting up the WANCSU nonprofit unit where we can get potential sponsors to help us assist people that need cosmetic surgery related treatment that is not vanity but more humanitarian oriented,” the surgeon told

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons from all over the world and Africa would be encouraged to lend expertise and time to treating patients within the west Africa sub-region and anyone traveling outside it to receive treatment at WANCSU when it is completed.

Reason For the West Africa Focus

When asked why the focus on West Africa, Dr. Debra said because Africa is a big continent, for now he does not intend to spread out to cover the entire continent, plus South Africa and some other technologically and medically developed countries have already set themselves on a great path to building vibrant cosmetic surgery industries in Africa.

My partners and I are calling on anyone interested in helping make this 2025 dream of ours to set up WANCSU a reality to reach out so we start laying the foundation stone for this all important humanitarian responsibility.” – Dr. Debra

Kwasi A. Debra, MD MBA Obstetrician-Gynecologist is a cosmetic surgeon and member of the following: American College of Phlebology and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. He is also a past president of the Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation and holds certifications from various respected institutions including Harvard.

He was once a Professor at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, USA. Contact him about his vision 2025 nonprofit Center For Cosmetic Surgery by emailing

Source: Oral Ofori

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