Kenya halts flights to and from Somalia amid fresh row

Kenya and Somalia have renewed diplomatic row with Kenyan suspending flights to and from Somalia.

This is the latest fallout from a diplomatic row that is heightening tension between the two countries.

On Monday Kenya announced that there won’t be flights heading to Mogadishu after Somalia rejected Kenya’s scheduled cargo deliveries.

According to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) all civilian flights between the two countries have been suspended until August 9.

Kenya and Somali leaders

KCAA said flights departing for, or arriving from, Somalia will not be allowed for three months.

Only humanitarian deliveries and medical evacuation flights will be allowed into the country, the aviation regulator said.

Last year the Somali government cut diplomatic ties with Kenya and subsequently recalled all its diplomats from Nairobi.

Somali officials said the decision has been taken to protect the country’s sovereignty.

Somalia’s Minister of Information Osman Abukar Dubbe said at the time that “The Somali government, based on its national sovereignty guaranteed by international law and order, and fulfilling its constitutional duty to safeguard the nationhood, unity and stability of the country, has decided to sever diplomatic relations with the Kenyan government.”

The Somalia government recalled its ambassador to Kenya, Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarzan over alleged political interference.

Somalia said the actions of Kenya has the potential to be a hindrance to the stability, security and development of the entire region.

Kenya backs the administration of Ahmed Mohamed Islam better known as “Madobe” in Jubbaland, because of its own security and regional interests.

Kenyan and Ethiopian troops have been deployed in Jubbaland to create a buffer as a buffer zone against militant group al-Shabab.

Somalia is currently facing a political crisis which sparked protests after the incumbent president approved a term extension.

The African Union is trying to resolve the crisis in that country quickly ahead of fresh elections.

Source: Africafeeds.com

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