ICANN seeks increased support for DNS industry within Africa at its first ever 2day Regional Workshop held in Nairobi, capital of Kenya in January 2017

(L-r): Sunday Folayan, president of NIRA; Abdalla Omari, general manager of KeNIC; Goran Marby, president/CEO ICANN and Pierre Dandjinou, ICANN VP-Africa), during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NIRA and Kenictld the managers of .ke ccTLD held at ICANN workshop at Nairobi, Kenya.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has called for increased support to the Domain Name System (DNS) industry within the African Continent at its first regional workshop organized by ICANN’s recently established Nairobi, Kenya.

Göran Marby, president of ICANN reiterated the call at a two-day capacity building workshop held by ICANN in Nairobi, Kenya, stressing that the African Union (AU) has roles to play in boosting the industry’s growth among member countries.

The workshop, themed “Harnessing the Potential of the Africa GAC Members for better Participation in ICANN” was held from January 23-24, 2017 with the support of the Communication Authority and the Government of Kenya.

Speaking to Nigeria CommunicationsWeek, Marby said that ICANN views the Africa region as strategic in deepening the industry, while calling on AU to also show more commitment to Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6) migration.

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet.

The Protocol was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.

One of the things I made very clear during a meeting with the African Union Commission (AUC) earlier today is to having an understanding of the need for Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6). The Union needs to articulate how to encourage each country to queue, migrating to for IPv6.

“The positive thing is that the technology for IPv6 is globally applicable and Africa is not left behind. I think as other continents are migrating, Africa, as a well-positioned partner, will not be left behind. That is why we support the trainings and workshops to build and boost engineers’ competencies in the IPv6 technicalities,” the ICANN President told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek on phone.

Source: By Peter Oluka / The Guardian Nigeria

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