Commonwealth of Virginia Recognizes Contributions of Ghanaian-Americans

Evidence of the impact made by the Ghanaian community as its contribution to the Commonwealth fraternity has led to a greater appreciation by the Commonwealth of Virginia (VA) in recognition of the Ghanaian community in Virginia in the United States (US).

On February 22, 2023 some 15 persons were invited by Virginia’s (VA) Capitol House of Delegates Chamber in Richmond, VA to recieve the House Resolution No. 337 citation honoring Ghanaian Americans that was agreed to and signed February 17, 2023 by the house (see photos).

The Ghanaian community in Virginia is endowed with natural and human resources requisite for global development. Ghana, a center of attraction for investors, has successfully pushed for postelection unity for the past two decades. Located in the Gulf of Guinea, its neighbors are Ivory coast to the West, Burkina Faso to the North, and Togo to the East.

As a member of the Commonwealth clean ocean alliance and maritime protection areas action group, Ghana is part of the 56 Nations action group in the Commonwealth blue charter has worked together to solve ocean-related challenges for sustainable ocean.

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His excellency Kofi Annan, one very notable Ghanaian who was the General Secretary of the United Nations between 1997-2006, championed the course of Africans’ endeavor to trade its way out of poverty. Other notable Ghanaians for Virginians include these four who have been awarded regional winners for their prolific writing by the Commonwealth in respective years — they are Ama Atta Aidoo (1992), Lawrence Darmarni (1992), Lucy Safo (1994) and Benjamin Kwakye (1999 and 2006).

Ghana is a primary contributor to the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC), which is mostly the avenue that the Commonwealth secretariat provides technical help to Commonwealth countries. In his landmark trip to Ghana, former US President Barack Obama addressed Ghana’s Parliament. He said, “Africa does not need strong men; it needs strong institutions“.

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The manifestation of this historical statement is that Ghana has established a special agency named the economic and organized crime office (EOCO), to monitor, detect, investigate, prevent, and prosecute all severe financial and organized crime in Ghana.

To augment those mentioned above, the special prosecutor’s office was established in 2018 as the gold standard and flagship specialized independent anti-corruption institution in Ghana as to investigate and prosecute exceptional cases.

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Agriculture serves as the backbone of the Ghanaian economy. It contributes 54% of Ghana’s gross domestic product (GDP) and accounts for over 40% of export earnings while at the same time providing over 90% of the food needs of the country. Moreover, Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer after overtaking South Africa in 2019 and the second largest cocoa producer after Ivory coast. Ghana is a democratic nation with active political parties, vibrant media, a history of successful political transition, freedom of the press, an independent judiciary, and a robust civil society.

A ministry of gender, children, and social protection have been created since 2000 to contribute to the countries objectives of achieving gender equality, facilitating the enforcement of the right of children, and promoting the integration and protection of the vulnerable and persons with disabilities with strategies and with adequate resources.

Four main areas are key, women empowerment, child rights, domestic violence, and social development. In the last six years, Ghana has expanded access to quality education by integrating free senior high education into its free basic education. This has monumentally increased school enrollment.

As part of their social responsibilities and foreign direct investments, some non-governmental organizations have made much effort to improve developmental sectors in Ghana. For instance, Virginia Union University in Richmond held a symposium in the education sector, including a forum made of the Ghanaian community. The meeting aimed to discuss the university’s vision to collaborate with Ghanaian university institutions, such as the University of Ghana, to share contemporary ideas that could strengthen and boost the educational sector in Ghana.

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