Ghana: Regent Nii Bortey Frankwa II ‘Fully Support’ AfroXmas

Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II, the Oyibi Gonten Mantse and Regent of the Nungua Mankralo stool, in Accra Ghana, has exerted a strong support for the annual masquerade celebration, AfroXmas — held in Tema.

“The overlords of Tema and the traditional leaders are fully in support of the afroXmas and it has come to stay,” he said.

He was present at the celebration’s 7th edition last December as a honoured guest judge, making known his pleasure with the organisation of the carnival, the order of events and what the celebration stands for.

High commendations went from the Regent to the founders of the event, most expecially the pioneering founder that passed on early last year.

“These masquerade groups have been in existence for a while now and we’ve paid our respect to uncle Adams who is the founder of the masquerade Association in Tema, he and I shared this same stage last year but it is rather unfortunate he is no more with us,” he said.

The Regent noted the founders’ deep commitment to the carnival’s intended values – stated to be their way of giving back to the society by collaborating with local partners to celebrate and promote Ghana’s rich culture.

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AfroXmas, according to the organisers, is a showcase of all that Ghana has to offer, as well as a venue for people to join in pride for their African ancestry.

Speaking for traditional rulers like himself, he felt impressed that the organisers had made necessary steps for the inclusions of traditional leaders in their carnival. Stating that they totally welcomed the respect they are being accorded, giving a confident hope of support for subsequent events from the group.

“There’ll be no blessing in whatever we are doing here if the traditional leaders are not involved. It is for this reason that when the tribute was read, they made mention of how our brothers from the west (fantes) brought this culture, and we the people of the Ga land fully embraced it, and it had lived with us from that time till now,” he said.

The Regent also implored masquerade groups to live up to their identities, and also embrace unity.

“To add to these few words, I’ll entreat all the masquerade groups to live by their names, because that is what makes them unique, and it reflects in their appearance,” he said

“For example, unity means togetherness, and we should be united as one family. Let us live as one people under one umbrella. 2020 AfroXmas was massive in front of the TMA building, in 2021 we were at Tema community 2 and I pray we have a much bigger celebration than this, this year.”

Media partnered since 2016 by TheAfricanDream LLC, a US-based Ghanaian founded information and research consulting firm founded by Oral Ofori who said: “We are looking forward to becoming an event partner for the 2022 event as we work with the traditional leaders and event curators Syphics Studios to take things global.”


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