“Get your sunglasses for the future is very bright” — Dreamer Ing. Daniel Appiah

I would want to work with the likes of Les Brown, Albert Ocran, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy” said Mr. Daniel Appiah, a rising motivational speaker during his chat with over the phone because he believes soon he will be placed by God on a higher pedestal as all he goes through now are preparing him for greater heights.

The internet has made accessibility to information easier and faster. In the last decade, people have seen their dreams come true because they can readily access inspirational, motivational, or encouragement resources through the world wide web. Even though people fall, the rising up has been made quicker by the internet.

Chief Encouragement Officer Dreamer Ing. Daniel Appiah seen speaking here

However, not all inspirational materials out there on the internet are able to achieve their prime objective — to inspire!

Read also: Motivational Speaker asks youths of Africa to seize the moment to make the continent the next superpower, however, found one that does and thought it right to interview its creator, Daniel Appiah, one whose profession is to energize and encourage people to bring out the unique greatness in them by using real-life stories of accomplished individuals and not just theories from books or overhyped examples that listeners might find difficulty connecting with.

Mr. Appiah told that the joyful part of what he does is realized when he sees many people using their God-given talents to inspire the world, especially when he has played a very minor role in that process of realization. “Seeing people, I have inspired use their raw talent and potential to accomplish greater things in life equally makes me feel accomplished, after all, what I am doing is not about me, it’s about edifying others and shining the glory of God in every life.” The rising encouragement coach said.

Mr. Appiah is a Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur, and an Encouragement Coach but as a CEO of Dream Focus International, prefers to be identified as a Chief Encouragement Officer. This CEO also holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana, a MA in Organizational Leadership and Governance from the University Ghana Business School, and Management Certificates from MIT Sloan School of Management and Yale School of Management, both respectively in the United States (US).

As with most achievements, Mr. Appiah also had difficult times. He recounted how he was always worried about how to get the platform to start his dream of making people achieve their own dreams. As he spoke to he said: “I requested for speaking engagements from pastors and organizations and never got the stage until one pastor friend of mine in the person of Rev Freddie McDavies believed in me and gave me the opportunity. That was the genesis of my breaking point.

Adding to that he revealed, “To succeed at anything, you first need to believe in yourself and then move into action. My faith in myself coupled with my faith in God, knowing that this line of work I had chosen is a calling from above, is what kept me going and pushing whenever a door was shut in my face or a big NO is said to me.

You see as a motivational speaker you always have to self-motivate because life will not always be fair. I am thankful for persons like Rev. McDavies and childhood friends like Mr. Patrick Odoi now based in the US and for everyone that believes in my mission today — get yourselves a pair of sunglasses guys, because the future is promising to be very bright for us all so don’t let COVID-19 stop you,” he encouraged.

People can expect massive life transformations, self-awakening, natural talents discovery, and personal discipline through interactions with Mr. Appiah and are encouraged to check out his encouragement tips or book him for speaking engagements via his social media portals including his Facebook and on Instagram.

Written by Oral Ofori 

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