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When asked Drolor Bosso Adamtey I (the first) about his source of inspiration when beginning his work, he responded: “The words and actions of my parents; pointing me to the future greatly inspired me. Additionally, I am inspired when I see the vulnerable population, especially those marginalized and poor being denied their fundamental human rights.” 

Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, formerly known as Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, is a Ghana-born public speaker who mentors global leaders, a humanitarian, an entrepreneur, and preacher of the Gospel who has traveled the world sharing his spiritual thoughts and ideas that uplift humanity. 

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He continued his phone interview with from his North Carolina (NC) base in the United States (US) by finishing his answer to what inspires him: “It naturally comes to me to be of help to such people, you know it’s like an innate drive that propels me to act with compassion. This also encourages me to give my very best. Above all, I am inspired by seeing possibilities in every circumstance, as I see every opposition as an opportunity and every resistance as a reset.” 

In case you’re wondering what the location of the Kingdom he rules is, it is the traditional area in the Dangme West District of Ghana, in West Africa where he bears the traditional title “Drolor” and the royal name “Bosso Adamtey I.” He is also King of Kordiabe-Madaam in the Shai OsudokuDistrict of Ghana. 

The Genesis and how this King survived a bullying school-teacher

From my childhood experience as a young boy, I vividly recall this memory of a teacher I had named Mr. P. Abeka who always approached me with words of negativity and discouragement. Yes as a young child with little experience, this negative attitude of my teacher who was supposed to be seeking my well-being did have a harsh impact on. Despite my age, I somehow realized that listening to Mr. Abeka wasn’t going to help me, hence I refused all he said.” 

It was at this point that I discovered no one had the power to determine my future, a realization that also opened my eyes to the fact that the power to prevent him from breaking my spirit solely rested in me. I concluded that every human could do what they are sent here for if only they apply themselves in truth and honesty. It was not so long after this experience that I vowed to make every young person realize that they had the strength to do what they wanted to do irrespective of the opinion of others.” 

This new-found positive attitude towards life as a young person followed Drolor Bosso Adamtey I into his teens through his young adulthood, to where he is now as a man. Funny enough, when we asked whether he could recall other experiences from his past that shoved him so hard to the wall that he wanted to give up, he laughed briefly and simply said, “I do not remember ever in my life wanting to quit!” 

Quitting has never been an option for this fighter, but human as he is, he quickly confirmed that like everyone he too has had tough and trying times. At the moment, one of his favorite challenges is the mobilization of people for a common course on how to change lives and contribute to society. “As a leader sometimes, it gets difficult to have people sold out to a noble vision, but such challenges keep me up at night and through the spirit of God enables me to come up with ways around them — I learn to grow through my storms.” 

Today people and situations like Mr. Abeka that tried to break me have done the exact opposite by strengthening me. I am the visionary and trendsetting leader you see me as today because I have built passion around adversity and a burning desire to bring positive changes to lives. I have the grace to forecast trends and mobilize people for action. Because of my purposeful intent and consistency, I have built my blessing to discern and act wisely. I leave a very profound and long-lasting impact on those who encounter me.” — Drolor Bosso Adamtey I. 

A message to Africa amid-COVID-19 from this global thought-leader 

Asked what Africa could learn to prepare for disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic, His Majesty admitted the problem we have now is lack of preparedness on the part of the health system, he also believed even some developed countries are in the same boat with first world countries on this particular issue. 

Africa needs to strengthen our health system to be able to provide emergency response in an event like this. I would want to commend the government of Ghana for investing in local companies to produce Personal Protective Equipment in fighting COVID-19. I believe this gesture should continue even after the pandemic, as a show of support for local industries. An act of this nature would boost the economy and reduce the rate of unemployment.” 

One of the king’s spiritual mandates includes bringing all the Se People in the Diaspora, throughout Africa, Europe, North & South America, the Caribbean, and Central America, back home to their ancestral lineage. He feels this effort would encourage them to also contribute to the development of Ghana as a country and Africa as a continent. 

It is with much excitement that the king informed Africans everywhere and the world in general that come 2021, the Global Leadership Centre (GLC) in Durham, NC will be launched. He afterwards took some time to also talk about Ghana’s Drolor Centre for Strategic Leadership (DCSL) with during this interview. 

DCSL exists to nurture a global community of leaders who are willing to make a difference with their presence by creating and delivering value that go beyond their time and/or geographical boundaries. Leaders who understand the consequences of their actions and inactions on current and future generations and can act ethically in such context.

GLC is a world class executive leadership institute designed to nurture a global community of leaders to help develop strategies to address critical long-standing and emerging issues for this century and beyond,” said the king who asked that we visit his official website at for more information about these institutions. 

Giving back and the way forward

2020 has presented rather unusual times to the world, but hard times or mishaps are inevitable. His Majesty believes it is therefore important that we take courage and stand tall, never giving up on our visions or allowing tough times to overtake us because it always works out well in the end. 

We need to seize the moment and see it as life’s way of giving us the opportunity to re-strategize to come back stronger. Also, what we know as normal has changed hence we have to now embrace a new normal, creating new systems and structures to be more effective. We must however in the process not forget our cultures and customs, especially the goodness in them that continually shape us as upright people,” advised the king. 

Part of the vision of Drolor Bosso Adamtey I as an educator, minister, and humanitarian is to eternally stay committed to the Se Kingdom as well as the Ga-Dangme people of Ghana through restoring their historical, traditional, and cultural values. He emphasized this objective when he said “I’m involved in improving health care, creating sustainable education programs and job opportunities for the youth. Also, I am mobilizing resources among my people (Se and the Greater Ga-Dangme) and training new leaders to sustain our on-going development.

There is a coming together of the traditional leadership, the Elders and the whole youth of Se and Ga-Dangme in general, in response to the awakening of our restoring to our place in history and our contribution to the development of Ghana,” the king professed. He acknowledged that “this coming together is a result of a growing awakening that is stirring within the African wherever he or she may be now — Africa shall as a continent soon maintain her God-given rightful place to restore balance within humanity.” 

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