PanAfricanist Addai-Sebo eulogizes late Dr. Thomas Mensah

Some of us believe our brother, Thomas Owusu Mensah, made a ‘fatal’ mistake by openly saying he helped with the development of laser guided missiles using fiber optics. May Tom Rest In Power.

I believe Tom knew he was on his way out and he decided to implant a message of SELF-BELIEF and SELF-WORTH in African youth and wake them up to fulfill their full potential.

He would use his own life path of hard work, research and development as a testimony and also to inspire in the manner that Mohammed Ali did so brilliantly with boxing. Tom, in effect, became a great salesman for science and technology.

Our brother had not been well, over the past 5 months and would not return to the US for treatment. Caring family members moved him from Accra to Kumasi, his roots, when his health worsened. It was important to Tom that he died in Ghana and in the bosom of the home his parents built for both the nuclear and extended family and clan.

Tom Rest In Power. Your message of empowerment through SELF-BELIEF shall never be extinguished.

Your own friends said you were bombastic. Yes, you were and you dropped bombs and delivered missiles in precision to great effect just like Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, Lumumba, Mohammed Ali and Robert Mugabe.

Click here to read more about Thomas Mensah (PhD)

What is important to me is that, like your predecessors, you were most qualified to do so.

Yes, you run your mouth or to be precise, your narrative, so well to DECOLONISE our minds so that Ghana and Africa would govern and develop in their own image, interest and security. Tom, you had conscience.

Garvey, Robeson, Lumumba, Nkrumah, Ali and Mugabe have stretched forth their hands to welcome you to The Pantheon of Our Glorious Ancestors.

Whenever we lift our heads, look into the firmament and reecho the invocation, Twieduampɔn Kwame, Asaase Yaa, Nananom our prayers and supplications are unto you too.

Written by ©Akyaaba Addai-Sebo

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