Zanu-PF’s removal of Robert Mugabe long overdue – EFF

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) statement on the decisions of ZANU-PF (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front) Central Committee to remove President Robert Mugabe as First Secretary and President: The EFF welcomes the unanimous decision of ZANU-PF of removing President Robert Mugabe as 1st Secretary and President of the party. The decision is long overdue and should be welcomed by all progressive forces in the Southern African region, the African continent, and the world.

For the longest time, South Africa has been saying that Zimbabwe should solve its own problems without external influence. The ZANU-PF Central Committee decision on President Mugabe and the progressive intervention by the Zimbabwe Defense Force are progressive internal mechanisms, which will save Zimbabwe from further degeneration.

The EFF welcomes the removal of President Mugabe because his continued stay in power was undermining the progressive land reclamation process which was people led and took the land back from colonial settlers. As we said on many occasions, celebrating President Mugabe overstay in power was tantamount to celebrating wrongfulness, mediocrity and a notion that only one person is capable of leading, until their death.

The EFF does not approve and will never approve of elected leaders who overstay in power. Leadership must always give way to new leaders and should never be in power forever.

The EFF encourages the new ZANU-PF Leadership under President Emerson Mnangagwa to lead Zimbabwe through a peaceful transition towards a post-Mugabe era. We also encourage President Mnangagwa to not fall into the trap of his Predecessor like it is the case in Uganda. We also encourage the Zimbabwe Defense Force to make sure that the transition is not defined by violence and civil conflict.

The interventions thus far have been excellent and should never be undermined by agent provocateurs. Zimbabwe should regain its economic sovereignty and prosperity. Zimbabwe should re-establish its currency and lead a government that will benefit all its citizens.

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The new ZANU-PF leadership under President Mnangagwa should never regress on the land ownership and should not take back the land to Settlers. Indigenous Zimbabweans should continue to own the land and should be provided with necessary assistance and support to tilt the land. Zimbabwe should produce its own food and feed its own citizens and explore further export opportunities to export agricultural products from land owned by Africans.

The new ZANU-PF Leadership should also not be vindictive against former 1st Secretary and President of ZANU-PF RG Mugabe but should act decisively against those who stole Zimbabwe’s monies in the face of starvation, suffering, and economic crisis.

The EFF calls on all people of Africa and all the regional and continental bodies, notably SADC, the African Union, and Pan African Parliament to support a peaceful and long overdue transition in Zimbabwe.

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Source: EFF statement issued November 19, 2017 /

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