Bypassing internet outages with VPNs

In recent days, several countries in West Africa including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso and even South Africa experienced significant internet service disruptions caused by a damage to international undersea cables running along the West African coastline.

These outages have impacted countless users, disrupting daily life and hindering communication. However, there is a temporary solution for those on the MTN network, particularly in Ghana.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as a reliable interim solution to bypass these connectivity issues. By using a VPN, users can access the internet as usual, despite the ongoing service interruptions.

Why does this work?

Access to Google websites in general are still uninterrupted during this time, at least when using MTN. Thus, routing one’s network traffic through Google servers means benefitting from such dedicated, no-throttled network access to the outside world.

A VPN can reroute your internet traffic through different servers, bypassing the affected area and allowing you to access the internet as if you were in a different location. However, the effectiveness of this solution may depend on the location of the VPN servers and the extent of the network outage.

Setting up OpenVPN Connect

For those affected, setting up a VPN connection is straightforward. The first step is to install the OpenVPN Connect app, which is available for various devices including Android, iOS, and PCs.

Once the app is installed, the next step is to obtain the necessary access file. This file will enable users to connect to the VPN and regain internet access. Readers can request the access file through the following link: request .ovpn access file.

While the internet outages are undoubtedly inconvenient, the use of VPNs provides a valuable workaround. It’s a simple yet effective method to stay connected until the service is fully restored.

Remember, this is only a temporary measure, and users should follow any updates from their service providers regarding the restoration of normal services.


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