#DiwuLaneMu music video released by AJ Dahottest on his birthday

AJ Dahottest in a scene from #DiwuLaneMu video

The music video for the song Diwu Lane Mu (#DiwuLaneMu) which translates into ‘stay in your lane’ by Afropop artist AJ Dahottest, Liberian-born Ghanaian rapper was released October 8, 2017. Before the video, the single received airplay in the Ghanaian underground music world and on mainstream radio and television since its audio release on May 1, 2017.

According to AJ Dahottest; writer of #DiwuLaneMu, his management and production crew decided to wait 4 months to release the music video because they wanted to get everything right during the shoot. “When everything was finished and we all watched it, we all agreed it was a great video and after debating on what date to pick, I personally decided we settle for October 8, 2017, because it is my birthday.

“#DiwuLaneMu is a very spiritual experience for me personality, those three likeness of me you see in the video represents my mind, body and spirit all coming together to help me motivate myself as I go through the struggles of life and still stay positive and awake to realize my dreams.”

“I have learned a lot these past few months and lost two individuals very close to me in the persons of Madam Kate Bannerman-Lartey and Prince Fiifi Turkson. But at the end of the video am seen walking away with my head held high and feeling bolder and stronger as the beat fades because the battle is always in the mind and you will only win when you stay in your lane, be focussed and don’t get distracted by difficulties and challenges of life” — AJ Dahottest.”

AJ Dahottest told www.TheAfricanDream.net that the video was his birthday present to himself and a personal gift from his management to his fans and supporters globally. The Stay In Your Lane track is produced by Danny Beatz who also joins AJ Dahottest in the music video that is produced and directed by King Culture, an upcoming video producer, and director based in Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

King Culture said “Stay In Your Lane was an amazing project for me to work on because both AJ and Danny Beatz are very talented and full of passion, their energies synchronized with mine and I think together we all did a great job on the finished product that was made possible by myself and ThugBoys Family.

The three minutes and thirteen seconds music video starts off with birds chirping and AJ Dahottest dozing under a tree in a forest where he is daydreaming about the genesis of his career as a radio DJ and life in general, playing in the background is his 2016 hit single Wake Up‘ which forces him to awaken from his sleep. He’s then joined by his sub-conscience and spirit as viewers of the video begin to see three forms in the likeness of AJ Dahottest in the forest, the rest is rap genius and history.

The music video is an inspirational one with an upbeat tempo audio that brings an awareness and belief in self through the powerful lyrics of AJ Dahottest and hooks done by Danny Beats. Find the musician on Twitter as @AJDahottest and enjoy the video below.

Source: Oral Ofori of www.TheAfricanDream.co

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