Buwa Kingdom, Ghana, installs Jacqueline Carmon Queen Mother

Jacqueline D. Carmon, an African-American from Washington DC., has been installed as Buwa Kingdom’s Her Royal Highness (HRH) ‘Haala Kuoro Nlowie Hawiise I,’ with ‘Haala Kuoro’ meaning Queen Mother. The root name ‘Hawii’ means beautiful and blessed, while ‘Hawiise’ may be interpreted as light from God.

The Buwa (sometimes called Zini) Kingdom is located in the Northeastern corner of Upper West, Ghana. The kingdom which is about twice the area of Austin, Texas, in US, is one of the 32 Traditional Areas in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The Buwa Traditional Area is made up of both indigenous and settler communities with their respective traditional rulers. Its people are called Buwaala. 

The kingdom’s indigenous communities include Zini, Niator, Nimoro, Puzene, Fatchu, Pepilime, Du, Wiiro, Tiiwi, Nyentie, Dakuma, Gumo, Kaa, Nyivil, Sangbaka, Buo, Wasai, Lulo and Hiel. Its non-indigenous communities include Fielimuo, Chetu, Gaper, Kankanduole, Kunchuuri, Bugbal, Foliteng, Butong, Mwaampaale and Butoro. 

“I am truly honored to heed the call of leadership for the Buwa Kingdom. When I arrived in Niator to meet with the King, I immediately knew that I was home. The people of the Buwa Kingdom are incredibly special and hardworking, and I am honored to be their Queen” said HRH Jacqueline Carmon, who traces her DNA ancestry to the Northern Region of Ghana, to, in a post-event statement. 

A royal banquet 

An installation ceremony was held in honour of the new Queen Mother, with attendance sweeping through the highest caliber of Upper West’s traditional and political class. Attendance included members of the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs; Ambassador Nancy Q Sam who is the Vice President of the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) Tourism Private Sector Confederation (COPITOUR) and the tourism Ambassador of Miami Dade County. 

Others included Philanthropist Audain Brown and Adelle Penn-Brown; Fuseini Mohammed Mujeeb, Manager of the Beautiful Kamara Lakeview Hotel in WA, Ghana; Andrews Ampabeng Ofori- Attah of the Hillview Hotel, Accra Ghana; Photographer and Videographer Jeffrey Tettey Kwame.

“Educational, economic and health development has already begun. We enskinned an intelligent, philanthropic, compassionate and beautiful Queen and her priority is the welfare of the people of the Buwa Kingdom!” said the King of Buwa Kingdom, Kuoro Barecheh Nlowie Baninye Il to He has ruled for 25 years, and is currently the Vice president of the Buwa (Zini) Traditional Council and Niator leader. He is also the President of the United Traditional Rulers of Ghana Association.

King of Buwa Kingdom, Barecheh Nlowie Baninye II / © Jeffrey Tettey Kwame.

A highly accomplished Queen 

The new Queen Mother is an award-winning entrepreneur with expertise and certifications in Business Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Policy Making, Occupational Consulting, Non-Profit Development, and Professional Development. 

She received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee; studied her Master of Counseling at Freed Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee; and completed her studies of master’s in clinical Mental Health at Walden University in Minneapolis. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Mental Health. 

HRH Jacqueline Carmon is the Founder of Jaloore Enterprises, Int’l (JEI), a full-service company that provides clients with expertise in marketing, public relations, business development, and humanitarian projects. In 2007, She became the 1st woman to achieve proud ownership of a Minor League Men’s Professional Basketball Team in the International Basketball League (IBL) named the “Hub City Hurricanes” in Jackson, TN. This historical achievement allowed the IBL to expand into the southwestern regions of the United States. 

She is the proud founder of a non-profit certifying organization that is authorized to present the Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award on Behalf of the Office of the President of the United States. She is also a recipient of the United States President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The Queen received a Proclamation of Recognition from the House of Representatives of the State of Tennessee for her work with marginalized populations; Proclamation from Miami Dade County Mayor for her non-profit work with in the State of Florida; Leadership Award from D Wade Sr. for her leadership and work with Pro pops Foundation; Acceptance into resolution from the City Council of Miami Gardens and recognition from the United Teachers of Dade for her work with Instrumentsnabottle (INAB), an organization she founded to assist music and art programs.

New Queen Mother HRH Jacqueline Carmon (middle) / © Jeffrey Tettey Kwame.

She also received a proclamation from the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for her work with Veterans. She is a special advisor to World Renowned Interventional pulmonologist Dr. Amit Bobby Mahajan, the Medical Director for INOVA Schar Institute, Fairfax, VA. She is also an advisor for special projects to other thought leaders in their fields and dignitaries. 

Currently, she’s the Chairperson of the Parent Policy Council for Educare DC and a standing member of Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society for Mental Health Professionals, in the US. 

“Our goal is to work to develop our Region while working collaboratively with other regions to build stronger and thriving communities throughout Ghana,” said the King and the new Queen Mother in a joint statement. 

Source: Buwa Kingdom

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