Amazon Prime Video introduces full local services in Nigeria

The localised launch of Amazon Prime Video’s streaming service in Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest markets, has been announced, similar to its recent expansion into Southeast Asia.

As part of its global expansion into more than 200 countries, Amazon Prime Video debuted in Africa in 2016, giving Netflix’s global strategy a severe competition the same year

Before its debut, regional versions of the service lacked the original content options, local-language interfaces, and subtitling that are common in more advanced areas.

Now the digital giant is stepping up its investment in local production, releasing a portfolio of localised originals, and offering users a reduced Amazon Prime memberships in an effort to increase its subscriber drive in new areas like Africa.

“We’re delighted to be increasing our investment in Prime Video for customers in Nigeria, making it a truly localized experience,” said Josh McIvor, Prime Video’s director of international expansion.

“From local payment and a full-scale local marketing campaign, to more local content specifically for Nigerian customers, our investment in Nigeria is a significant step towards our broader expansion plans in Africa and our ambition to be the most local of global streaming services,” McIvor added.

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The business also has intentions to enter further markets, including South Africa and ultimately all of Africa.

Prime Video has been working with Nigerian filmmakers and content producers on the creation of original and licenced material in order to increase its market share amid a streaming competition for African content and users.

After a seven-day trial, the service will cost $2,300 each month (around $5), according to its website.

As a result, consumers in Nigeria will be able to sign up for Prime Video for the first time using local money, and unlike how most users have previously accessed the platform for region-specific content, they won’t need a VPN to stream media on the service.

The service has made strategic moves over the past few months, including signing theatrical outlet agreements with Anthill Studios, Inkblot Productions, and Evoke Studios, hiring Insight Publicis as its creative agency.

It has also hired senior executives like Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, head of Nigerian Local Originals, to create original video content in Nigeria, the continent’s largest film market.

“We know our customers want to see locally relevant faces, places and stories alongside our global content on Prime Video, so we’re excited to be bringing Nigerian customers these brand-new Local Amazon Originals, Gangs of Lagos and LOL: Last One Laughing Naija, which will complement our growing selection of Nollywood and African series and movies,” said Mba-Uzoukwu.

Source: New agencies

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