Ama Sey hopeful of returning to Ghana parliament in 2024

The Former Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Akwatia in Ghana, Madam Mercy Adu-Gyamfi popularly known as Ama Sey says she was hopeful of returning to parliament in 2024 in a chat with recently in Washington D.C..

Mrs. Adu-Gyamfi who was elected as a member of Ghana’s parliament in December 2016 when she won the Akwatia seat disclosed to that the main reason she desires to return to the parliament of Ghana is her desire to help the people of Akwatia move foreard positively.

Akwatia is a town in Denkyembour, a district in the Eastern region of south Ghana and west of the Atewa Range in the Birim River basin. According to Wilipedia Akwatia has a 2013 settlement population of 23,766 people and has been the main center of diamond extraction in Ghana to this day.

Mid-2022 photo of Mercy Adu-Gyamfi in the U.S.

The town’s former Member of Parliament obtained 21,433 votes out of the 37,716 valid votes cast when she contested under the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P.), to unseat her opponent Baba Jamal Mohammed back in 2016 who was the uncumbent representing the National Democratic Congress (N.D.C.) at the time.

While speaking with the in the Washington D.C. metro area in the United States (U.S.), the Parliamentarian admitted that there was enormous work to be done to enable her re-capture the seat she lost after serving the people of Akwatia for 4 years.

The former M.P. recounts how she used her allocation for Members of Parliament to purchase a vehicle to support women to learn and expand their trade as well as supporting brilliant but needy students in the constituency as something she wants to go back into parliament to do among other social interventions and other initiatives she’s learned and feels her people and even the country will benefit from.

When asked the ex-M.P. why she was in the U.S. she revealed it was for business and to see a few family and friends but to ultimately learn a few things to understand better how to be a great M.P., help Akwatia and modernize the township.

They will tell you that they have never gotten a Member of Parliament in Akwatia like Ama Sey before because when I became their Member of Parliament I took various initiatives that previous M.P.s used not to do for them. They made me realize that when a good person becomes an MP it helps the country as a whole. When I’m given a second chance, I want to be better…

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