AJ Dahottest returns onto the Ghanaian radio space with a show on Yfm

I’ve known him for over two decades and if there’s one thing I can say AJ Dahottest is excellent and passionate about then it’s his music, this guy is just great whether as a rapper or dishing out great sounds as a DJ on the radio. So it was refreshing to see him back on the air at Yfm, one of the cosmopolitan radio stations in Ghana’s capital city, Accra.

Those of us who know AJ Dahottest (privately known as Augustine Jebor) are aware he’s had a gift behind the DJ console ever since he started his recent show a year ago on Yfm 107.9 when Ghanaian hiplife music legend Eddie Blay Jr. who is Programs Manager at Yfm brought AJ on board to host ‘The A.M. LockDown‘ show on October 30, 2020.

The A.M. LockDown airs from 12am – 3am on Yfm and transmits live from the Accra Mall in the Capital of Ghana. It also goes around the world online at with fans going wild ever since some of them discovered the return of AJ.

AJ Dahottest is back on Ghana radio with ‘The A.M. LockDown’

This new musically interactive show that starts off the weekend for a lot of hip-hop, rap music, and hiplife music lovers as AJ who is a Ghanaian-Liberian is heard dishing out both new and old hits from these respective genres for the listening pleasure of old and new fans alike.

My show is a fusion of music from R&b, HipHop, AfroPop, Reggae & Dancehall, and also songs from the ’90s, early 2000s, to the current street jams are played on my session. I also engage and interact with listeners to test and discover their ability to identify an original song from a current song based on their samples or Refixes” AJ told me as I interviewed him for which’s founder Oral Ofori has been his Publicist the last 15yrs.

I remember October 3, 2020, being the exact date I officially started working as an on-air personality on Yfm on the show called ‘Step Into The A.M.’, it was a Saturday. My show was from 12am – 3am and I had a co-host who by divine intervention or fate also had AJ in her name as she was called AJ Ahenkan (aka Princess AJ). We were joined by iCharles DJ,” he told me as AJ shared a little history about his return to radio.

Let’s go back, way back to when it all started for AJ Dahottest

It’s been an interesting ride for AJ Dahottest and all this opportunity was made possible by a man he calls “an incredibly amazing soul who is my boss Eddy Blay Jr.”. Eddy gave him the chance despite being away for this long (over 9yrs) and it allowed him to bring this level of excitement and professionalism to share with the listeners in Ghana and beyond.

His journey on radio officially started with Luv fm in Kumasi, Ghana. After a few months with them AJ Dahottest moved to Hitz fm in Accra, both radio stations are managed under the umbrella of Multimedia Media Group of Companies who own the multi-award winning and popular media outlets JoyFM and JoyTV.

With 7 years working at Hitz fm from 2004 to 2011, he started with ‘The Weekend LockDown‘ (a mid-morning weekend show) then later moved on to present ‘The Criuz Control‘ (Drive Time) before finally presenting ‘DayBreak Hitz‘ which was a morning show on Hitz FM. Afterwards he took nearly a decade off to focus on his music career and relationship.

…Feels good to be back

“It was hard to leave especially when I was in the prime of my craft and radio was rapidly evolving into new faces in Ghana and Africa, but sometimes ‘a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do'” said AJ Dahottest in my conversation with him. The talented act said to me he has no regrets about leaving and it was a much-needed break to focus on other equally important aspects of his personal and professional life.

Well, for those of you who know him, we ask that you follow him on both Twitter and Instagram where he is @AJDahottest because as he tells me, “…it feels good to be back and I want you all to expect excitingly newer and bolder things on Yfm and wherever the game takes me to.

AJ Dahottest was full of thanks to his publicist Oral Ofori for being an amazing childhood friend and thanked everyone else who had been with him through thick and thin since day one. We are excited to see the new chapter for this man’s journey. Stay tuned and watch him evolve some more.

Written by Richard Lauter

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