‘Afro-Pop’ songstress Wiyaala releases debut album

Album art courtesy of Wiyaala

On November 24, 2014 #TheAfricanDream received some good news from Noella Wiyaala, Ghanaian singer and songwriter known for her hit single called ‘Make Me Dance’ seen in video here.

The above date also happens to be the international release date of Wiyaala’s self titled debut album–“Wiyaala”. Find out more about this Ghanaian Afro-pop songstress and be encouraged by us to get a copy of her this album as we highly recommend it. Below is what she told us in her press release:

This album is not so much about me, but more about proud young Africans like me. It is about where we are from, who we are and how we would like to experience the world around us. We like our “African-ness”, but we also want to embrace and take our place as equal citizens in the modern world.

When I sing in my tribal languages of Sissali and Wale, you are hearing a vocal sound from the Upper West region of Ghana, which is how I want to tell my stories as a young African. But at the same time the music is influenced by contemporary western pop styles, which makes it “Afro-Pop and eclectic”.

This is “Wiyaala”. A typical African child of cultures in conflict.

Download or play the album from here.

Hugs and kisses from your ever loving,

Noella Wiyaala

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