African Community Service Awards (ACSA) 2022 will Host in September

On September 4, the African Community Service Awards (ACSA) will hold its 6th annual awards ceremony this year between 5pm & 8pm at the Hilton Hotel Plaza Ballroom, Alexandria Mark Center, Virginia, U.S.

Organised annually by Alln1 Productions Inc., the award honours individuals or groups who have given their time and resources to help Africans all over the world, especially Africans on the mother continent, Africans in Diaspora, and African-Americans.

Since 2016, the awards-ceremony have made every effort to honour those groups’ distinct cultures, and sought to bring all Africans together in celebration of remarkable acts of service that foster a stronger sense of community togetherness and connection.

According to the organisers, they “hope to unite all Africans in celebration of great acts of service and build a greater sense of unity and connection within the community”

The Red carpet anchored by Fatima Sesay for this year’s event will begin at 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and the event will proceed until 8:00 pm. The ceremony will be hosted by Remi Momodu, a U.S based Nigerian film producer, registered nurse, actress, writer & humanitarian. It will be co-hosted by MC Chaz.

For the dress code, attendees are expected to “come dressed in their best contemporary African or evening cocktail attires”

The keynote speaker at the event will be Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, a Nigerian political economist, and 2023 presidential aspirant. He served as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, appointed by President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, from 2009 to 2014.

The event will feature live performances from various entertainers like dance group ‘CJ & Friends,’ R&B band ‘Smooth Approach,’ comedian ‘Zubby,’ and a fashion show by Nesay Productions.

There would also be an after party hosted by DJ Exmaxx. However, ticket for the awards-ceremony and the after party will be purchased separately.

Tickets for both the awards-ceremony and the after party can be purchased through his link.

Businesses can advertise their products or services during the awards event with a Brochure Advertisement using this link.

For vendor registration, if you would like to showcase your product during the 2022 African Community Service Awards, you can sign up using this link.

For sponsorship information, you can get detailed information using this link.

If you have any questions regarding the 2022 ACSA, please contact 703-772-9399 or email

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You can nominate a candidate ahead of ACSA 2023 Awards

Everyone is eligible to nominate, and all submissions are online. Nominations for the 2023 Awards will be taken through a form using the link.

Award recipients are chosen from a pool of nominations (submitted names of people who have been recommended to receive an award). After ACSA Committee reviews their work, the final lineup of award recipients are chosen.

Nominations are free and you can nominate yourself. However, submitters are encouraged to nominate those that have not been recognized previously, because previous winners will not be considered.

Nominations for each year expires on December 31st for the following year’s awards. Example, for nominations for 2023, the deadline is 12/31/2022.

ACSA Committee staff will send email notifications only to the selected nominees in late winter of each year.

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