100+ Ghanaian Baby Names And Surnames, With Their Meanings

Ghana is a West African country with a rich and vibrant culture. The country is known for its captivating and stunning landscape, outstanding artistic expressions and so much more. From exquisite beading and beautiful veils, to amazing dance moves and music, there is so much to be inspired by in Ghana.

That is why we have put together this list of the most beautiful Ghanaian names, to inspire parents looking for the perfect baby name. From rare names to popular ones, including lots of meaningful names (such as Nana which is used to signify royalty and strength), there is something for everyone on this list. As well as first names, Ghanaian last names and family names are equally important, so we have also included some Ghanaian last names in this article too!

This list is full of the best Ghanaian first and last names and their meanings. So, if you are looking for a creative and popular Ghanaian name for your baby, then keep reading! For more baby name ideas, you can also check out this list of the best South African names or this article all about the best Kenyan names.

Ghanaian Names For Girls

Different ethnic groups in Ghana have different names with special meanings.
A father with his baby

There are so many great Ghanaian name ideas for baby girls, if you are looking for popular Ghanaian baby girl names, keep on reading. Many of these Ghanaian names indicate the day of the week that a child was born on, which can be a lovely way to honor your child’s birthday. Which of these beautiful names will you choose?

1. Ababio (Ghanaian origin) means “child that keeps coming”. Famous last name bearer: fashion designer Joyce Ababio.

2. Abina (Ghanaian origin) means “one born on a Thursday”.

3. Abla (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Wednesday”. Is a short and simple name.  

4. Adjua (Ghanaian origin) means “the one born on Monday”.

5. Adofo (Ghanaian origin) means “warrior”. Is a beautiful name for Ghanaian girls.

6. Adwoa (Ghanaian origin) means “one born on a Monday”. Is one of the sweetest female day names in Ghana.

7. Afreyea (Ghanaian origin ) meaning “born during good times”.  Such beautiful Ghana girl names are suitable for a sweet-tempered child.

8. Ajoba (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Monday”. Can be kept as a day name.  

9. Akuba (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Wednesday”.

10. Antobam (Ghanaian origin) means “the posthumous child”. Such Ghanaian female names are unique, rare, and beautiful.

11. Araba (Ghanaian origin) means “the one who is born on a Tuesday”. Is the most popular day name.

12. Awusi (Ghanaian origin) means “the one who is born on a Sunday”. Ghanaian people normally use this name as a child’s first name.

13. Caimile (Ghanaian origin) meaning “a family is born”. Is one of the most beautiful Ghanaian baby names.

14. Dogbeda (Ghanaian origin) means “pray”. Is a unique and special name for girls.

15. Dzifa (Ghanaian origin) means “one is at peace”. Famous name bearer: Dutch film actor Dzifa Kusenuh.

16. Effia (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Friday”. The name is short and simple and is a popular day name.  

17. Efie (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Friday”. Is one of the most used day names in Ghana.

18. Efua (Ghanaian origin) means “they are born on a Friday”.

19. Ejo (Ghanaian origin) means “a girl born on Monday”. Sometimes such cute names are also used as Ghanaian nicknames.

20. Ekuwa (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Wednesday”.

21. Esi (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Sunday”. Such Ghanaian girl names can make a beautiful nickname for Elizabeth or Elisa.

22. Gifty (Ghanaian origin) meaning “a very beautiful tall girl”.

23. Kisi (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Sunday”. This is a popular name in Ghana.

24. Kukua (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Wednesday”. The name sounds sweet and simple.  

25. Tawiah (Ghanaian origin) means “the first child born after twins”.

26. Thema (Ghanaian origin) meaning  “Queen”. Is a powerful name for girls in Ghana.  

27. Yaaba (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Thursday”.

28. Yihana (Ghanaian origin) meaning “congratulations”.

Ghanaian Names For Boys

Many Ghanaian names denote when a baby was born, with meanings like "one who is born a Monday".
a baby

Ghanaian names (whether first names or last names), are always meaningful and interesting, and are often based on day names. If you are looking for Ghanaian names with meanings (which can also be used as middle names for your child) then you might find the perfect name for your son here. We hope that one of these names on our list will stick out.

29. Abeeku (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Wednesday”. The name is very popular and commonly used in Ghana.

30. Aboagye (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is powerful and complete”.

31. Acheampong (Ghanaian origin) means “one that gave birth to the King”. Famous name bearer: Ghanaian footballer Frank Acheampong.

32. Addae (Ghanaian origin) means “the morning sun”. The name is most suitable for Ghanaian boys.

33. Adekorafo (Ghanaian origin) means “treasurer”.

34. Adjua (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Monday”. Is one of the Ghanaian days names.

35. Adofo (Ghanaian origin) meaning “warrior”. A Ghanaian name that is very popular.

36. Adom (Ghanaian originmeaning “help from God”. Such Ghanaian first names are very popular in the United States too.

37. Adric (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is a blessed ruler”.

38. Adwenpa (Ghanaian origin) means “one who gives good ideas”.

39. Afram (Ghanaian origin) meaning “Afram river in Ghana”.

40. Agyei (Ghanaian origin) meaning “messenger from God”. Such names are very common in other countries in West Africa too.

41. Agyenim (Ghanaian origin) means “the great one from God”.

42. Bubune (Ghanaian origin) means “honor to him”.

43. Coblah (Ghanaian origin) means “one who is born on Tuesday”. This is one of the most unique Ghanaian male names.

44. Danquah (Ghanaian origin) means “eternal life”.

45. Dziedzorm (Ghanaian origin) means “I was glad”.

46. Ekow (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Thursday”.

47. Fodjour (Ghanaian origin) meaning “fourth born”.

48. Fram (Ghanaian origin) meaning “Ofram tree”.

49. Fynn (Ghanaian origin) meaning “Offin river”.

50. Gyasi (Ghanaian origin) meaning “wonderful child”. Such gorgeous Ghanaian baby names can also be used as middle names.

51. Kobby (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Tuesday”.

52. Kobena (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Tuesday”.

53. Kofi (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on Friday”.

54. Kojo (Ghanaian origin) means “someone who is born on Monday”.

55. Kplorm (Ghanaian origin) means “guide me”.

56. Krobo (Ghanaian origin) meaning “name of a river in Ghana”.

57. Kwaku (Ghanaian origin) means “born on Wednesday”. Famous name bearer: Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu.

58. Kwame (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Saturday”.

59. Kwami (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on a Saturday”.

60. Madonudenu (Ghanaian origin) means “my confidence is in him (God)”.

61. Mawufeasi (Ghanaian origin) means “God’s hand”.

62. Mawusi (Ghanaian origin) meaning “in the hands of God”. Such Ghanaian baby names are very popular in Ghana.

63. Nyakpoo (Ghanaian origin) means “a calm answer”.

64. Tano (Ghanaian origin) meaning “Tano river”.

65. Tuaco (Ghanaian origin) meaning “eleventh born child”.

66. Twia (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born after twins”.

67. Yaw (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on Thursday”.

68. Yokow (Ghanaian origin) meaning “born on Thursday”.  Such Ghanaian boy names are unique and will surely make a good name for your son.

Gender Neutral Ghanaian Names

If you are interested in giving your child a gender neutral name, then this list might be able to help. We have gathered some popular Ghanaian names which are gender neutral (these can be used as both first names or as Ghanaian middle names for your child). So, what are you waiting for? Find the best name for your child here!

69. Afuom (Ghanaian origin) means “on the field”. Is one of the most popular Ghanaian gender neutral names.

70. Ashanti (Ghanaian origin) means “undefeated”, “divine”, and “peace”

71. Baako (Ghanaian origin) means “first born child”. Is a unique name and can be used as a neutral gender name.  

72. Deladem (Ghanaian origin) means “redeemed by the savior”.

73. Dzifa (Ghanaian origin) means “one is at peace”. Such Ghanaian neutral gender names are rare and beautiful.

74. Hunu (Ghanaian origin) means “sun”. The name can be used for both genders and is a popular one, we can see why!

Ghanaian Last Names

Did you know that the name of God in the Akan language is Nyame (or sometimes Onyamekopon) which means “he who knows and sees everything”. If you have loved our Ghanaian baby names from different ethnic groups, you might also be interested in these Ghanaian last names from West Africa. From day names to common last names in Ghana, we have everything for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check out some cool Ghanaian names and their meanings here.

75. Addo (Ghanaian origin) means “King of the road”. Is among the most popular surnames used in Ghana.

76. Adjei (Ghanaian origin) means “talkative and charming”. Famous last name bearer: footballer Daniel Adjei.

77. Agyapong (Ghanaian origin) means “God’s completeness”. Famous last name bearer: sprinter Finette Agyapong.

78. Akuffo (Ghanaian and Akuapem-Akropong origin) is a patronymic surname. Famous last name bearer: wrestler Ohenewa Akuffo.

79. Amihere (Ghanaian origin) means “audacity, meticulousness, and sincerity”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian politician Isaac Abraham Amihere.

80. Antwi (Ghanaian origin) means “powerful and complete”.

81. Appiah (Ghanaian origin) means “Prince or first”.

82. Asamoah (Ghanaian origin) means “apostles”. This name can also be used as a first name.

83. Asante (Ghanaian origin) means “thank you”.

84. Asare (Ghanaian origin) means “warrior” or “conqueror”.

85. Boakye (Ghanaian origin) means “helper”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian footballer Emmanuel Boakye.

86. Boakye-Yiadom (Ghanaian origin) means “show grace”.

87. Boateng (Ghanaian origin) means “humble person who is holy to God”.

88. Frimpong (Ghanaian origin) means “blessings”.

89. Gbeho (Ghanaian origin) means “leader, visionary, or powerful”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian lawyer, politician and diplomat James Victor Gbeho.

90. Hudson-Odoi (Ghanaian origin) means “sensitive and imaginative”. Famous last name bearer: two footballing brothers Bradley Hudson-Odoi and Callum Hudson-Odoi.

91. Kwei-Armah (Ghanaian origin) means “to find the way”. Famous last name bearer: actor and comedian Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE.

92. Mensah (Ghanaian origin) means “born third”.

93. Obeng (Ghanaian origin) means “smart or brilliant”.

94. Odamtten (Ghanaian origin) is a patronymic surname. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian mycologist George Tawia Odamtten.

95. Ofori (Ghanaian origin) means “light of knowledge”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian physician and medical researcher David Ofori-Adjei.

96. Ollennu (Ghanaian origin) is a patronymic surname. Famous last name bearer: Ambassador of Ghana to Denmark, Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa.

97. Opoku (Ghanaian origin) means “the name of an ancient Ashanti King”. Famous last name bearer:  Ghanaian singer, songwriter and dancer Dorcas Opoku Dakwa.

98. Oppong (Ghanaian origin) means”kind”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian-born Canadian soccer player Dominic Oppong.

99. Osei (Ghanaian origin) means “noble or honorable”. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian association football player Emmanuel Osei.

100. Owusu (Ghanaian origin) means “strong willed and determined”.

101. Quansah (Ghanaian origin) means “God is watching”. Such Ghanaian surnames are unique and rare.

102. Quaye (Ghanaian origin) Ghanaian footballer Abdullah Quaye has this surname.

103. Sai (Ghanaian origin) a patronymic surname. Famous last name bearer: Ghanaian boxer Obodai Sai.

104. Tetteh (Ghanaian origin) means “grace”.

105. Yeboah (Ghanaian origin) means “cheerful giver”.

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