WINVESTNET invests in Morocco’s energy transition sector

Oil, Gas, Renewable Energies and Green Hydrogen are on the menu of investments, with the objective of reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint in Morocco.

For fossil fuels, WINVESTNET has concluded important partnerships related to the sourcing, storage and distribution of oil products for Morocco. These partnerships also involve investments in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), with a desire to support the new national roadmap for the development of natural gas in 2021-2030.

“WINVESTNET has created an integrated ecosystem related to fossil fuels by bringing together refineries, traders, storage capacities, as well as banks and insurance companies in the same platform, allowing us to make economies of scale and optimize procedures for our partners and distributors in Morocco,” said Reda RAMI, president of the WINVESTNET platform.

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Reda RAMI said that WINVESTNET intends to offer Morocco innovative solutions for the sourcing and financing of petroleum products, using the latest generation of trade finance instruments, which would reduce financing costs by more than 20%, while providing access to new credit lines.

Mr Reda RAMI (left), Chairman of WINVESTNET Ltd

Concerning renewable energies, WINVESTNET has announced a collaboration with the Chinese company TBEA, the world’s largest installer of renewable energy projects. This partnership aims the construction of EPC and BOT renewable energy projects, and the involvement in the whole process of development, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance and after-sales service of wind and photovoltaic plants.

Also, WINVESTNET has sealed a partnership with Moroccan integrators such as the company UNISYTEM ENERGY with which they intend to offer integrated solutions, with advantageous financing plans.

On the other hand, WINVESTNET has formed a consortium for the realization of a project of production, storage and transport of green hydrogen. Economic and technical studies have already been launched in order to officially present this investment project to the Moroccan authorities concerned.

“Our ultimate goal is to offer an energy mix to Moroccan industries and large companies, combining fossil fuels and renewable energy solutions, while reducing their energy bill and carbon footprint,” confirms Reda RAMI, as part of a vision perfectly aligned with the national strategy of energy transition, as well as the desire to boost the competitiveness of Moroccan companies.


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