WhatsApp now has ’view once’ feature for photos and videos

WhatsApp messaging has introduced a new privacy policy that allows for a’view once’ feature for photos and videos.

The feature is currently for specific beta testers but will soon be available for Android users.

WhatsApp announced earlier this year that the expiring media feature would soon be available.

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So how does it work? So when you send photos and videos using view once, they can only be viewed once by recipients.

You will get notified when the recipient has opened the photos and videos.

When photos and videos are set to view once, they disappear after you close them.

However if you disable read receipts, the recipient will still see if you have opened the photo or video once set to view once.

Also in groups, you can see when other participants open expiring photos even if you have disabled read receipts.

But note that technically speaking, the recipient can still ’save’ the photo or video taking screenshots or video captures.

WhatsApp won’t be able to notify the sender of the media because there is no screenshot detection.

You can also share photos and videos set to view once in groups, and you can see who opened them in Message Info.

Source: Africafeeds.com

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