#TheAfricanDream needs your help!


#TheAfricanDream recently produced videos of interviews we had with Susan M. Libatique; an Engineer of
the Connecticut Department of Transportation and another with the co-Founder of BAWA Health Initiative; Blaise Dondji, an assistant professor of biology at Central Washington University who is originally
from Cameroon in west Africa.
Both videos were
broadcasted on WPAA-TV in Wallingford Connecticut and shared widely

We can do a lot more videos like the above if we acquire good cameras, tripods and other expertise and materials as they will help
us make videos outside of studio settings and enable local and
international travel beyond our immediate environment. Work burden
will be lightened in cases where we can get persons into studios, and where necessary we can capture on-the-go videos too, provided funding is
available to cover trips to places that will have individuals,
organizations or situations with compelling stories that we can share with you.
It is hoped that these
videos vigorously motivate all who are playing a part in the effort
to pursue #TheAfricanDream If any of you or someone you know has any
story leads or form of assistance, the team will appreciate the connection. For now, our
doors are open to support and sponsorship in whatever way.
The ball has been set
rolling and the moment to make the world a little better in our own
small ways has begun–let us go make positive changes. Let’s go live
#TheAfricanDream, for it has the power to positively impact people
and situations beyond Africa. Once again kindly watch and share the
videos above and tell us if you or someone you know can be of
financial or logistical help in getting messages like these across the world.
We are also looking for people with technical expertise to help produce such videos, we might occasionally have access to studio equipments. We will also be glad to use yours, you will be recognized for your assistance. Email us at if you are interested in becoming a part of this non-profit human interest cause, thank you.
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