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Africa: Brexit Raises Thorny Questions of Law and Politics

As the world continues to react to the shock of the Brexit referendum, international legal experts are turning their attention to the implications of Britain’s departure from the EU. The modalities of Brexit are laid down in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (Treaty of the European Union), which provides the exit clause that permits an EU member state to leave …

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A Silver Lining In Panama Papers For Africa

Panama Papers

Africa is not the only corrupt continent according to the Panama Papers. That message is the silver lining for Africans in the Panama Papers scandal — a collection of documents linking 143 politicians (and their family members and cronies) to outrageous sums of stolen cash hidden in a topsy-turvy network of offshore bank accounts and shell companies. Yes, Africans are …

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Ghana changes visa policy for Africans


Arrival visa will be issued to all the 54 African Union (AU) citizens visiting Ghana according to president John Dramani Mahama of Ghana. He announced this during the annual celebration of Ghana’s independence day in Accra on March 6, 2016, saying that the new policy will be operational from July 2016. Ghana presently allows free entry only for the citizens …

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Bill to study Influence of Africans in America


U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine and Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott want to propose a bill to set up a federal panel to study the contributions and accomplishments of African people in America. U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, Rep. Don Beyer of Northern Virginia, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Hilary Shelton, director of the national NAACP Washington …

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Africa tourism growth projected by the UN

Africa tourism arrivals are expected to grow by between two percent and five percent in 2016 because the African continent has a lot to offer as a tourist destination. This was made known by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai said after seven editions with progressive increases in terms of both participants and projects, Tourism Investment …

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Africa is Mobile – Is that a Good thing?

Africa boasts of some 700 million people on the having at least one mobile device (smart or feature phone). Africa has taken not only the prime position as the leading mobile continent, but is also a mobile first region. We hear many analysts throw this fact around as though it is an accolade worthy of celebration. The fact that only about 7% of …

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Obama’s strategy towards Africa

The projection that African population will double by 2050, has increased the importance of the continent. The growing competition due to the interests of China, India and the other powers in energy and mineral resources, is wanted to be controlled by the USA. The United States is trying to improve the relations with the key countries, with whom cooperation may …

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Its time to ‘Wiki Loves Africa’ Again

For the first time, last year, a continental-wide photo contest kicked off. With over 6,000 pictures uploaded, the annual public photo contest was sure to a great start. Similar to Wiki Loves Monuments – which is primarily about sharing pictures of monuments around the world – Wiki Loves Africa is primarily for Africans on African soil, but open to all, with last …

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Former leader of Chad Hissène Habré in human rights court

Hissène Habré

DAKAR, Senegal — They’re working on the hotel pool, which only reminds me of the mass atrocities we’re all here for. The trial of former Chadian president Hissène Habré on charges of crimes against humanity, torture and war crimes started Monday. Or, more accurately, “restarted,” because at the formal beginning of the trial in July, the accused caused a commotion, and …

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