State of today’s music industry as envisaged by Kofi Boachie-Ansah

The music industry is at a crossroads. On the one hand, social media platforms like TikTok have created new opportunities for artists to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, these platforms have also made it easier for music to be commodified and exploited.

In the past, artists were able to control their own destiny. They could release their music on their own terms and make a living from touring and merchandise sales.

But today, the music industry is increasingly controlled by algorithms. These algorithms determine what music gets played, how much it gets paid, and who gets famous.

This shift in power has left many artists feeling powerless. They are no longer able to control their own careers, and they are increasingly reliant on the whims of algorithms. This is a dangerous trend, as it could lead to a future where artists are no longer compensated for their work.

The rise of AI is also a threat to the music industry. AI-generated music is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is now possible to create music that is indistinguishable from music created by humans.

This means that in the future, it may be possible for social media platforms and other companies to produce music without having to pay artists.

This is a sobering thought, but it is one that artists need to be aware of. The music industry is changing, and artists need to adapt if they want to survive. They need to find new ways to connect with their fans and to make their music heard.

They also need to be prepared to fight for their rights and to demand fair compensation for their work.

The future of the music industry is uncertain, but one thing is clear: artists need to take control of their own destiny. They need to be willing to stand up for themselves and to fight for the future of their industry.

Source: Kofi Boachie-Ansah

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