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Korle-Bu Hospital Struggles to Lead Ghana Healthcare


Operational for 94 years, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has long been the standard in Ghana. That’s never been easy — and it’s about to get harder. What does it take to become an effective healthcare facility in Africa, where much of the continent is marked by extraordinary needs and limited resources? In a series of profiles, GHCi’s Alex Freedman looks …

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Opinions of the #StopGalamseyNow agenda among a cross section of Ghanaians


This is an attempt by to find out what people feel about #StopGalamseyNow by talking to Ghanaians in and out of the country. But before that, a little background: in April 2017 Yaw Osafo Marfo; the former Finance Minister of Ghana, who is now a Senior Minister in the Ghana Government (under President Akufo-Addo) granted an interview at …

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PackageToMe: The Peer-to-Peer Delivery Service with a Twist

Think about this. Imagine you want the Roxfit Xperia XZs Ultra Slim Soft Shell. You very likely won’t get this case to buy literally in any shop anywhere in Ghana. Or will you? Roxfit Xperia phone cases are one of the best phone cases you can get for you Xperia devices. They weigh less than 2 pounds (even in the …

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Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ Releases Episode 2 of Comedy Skit ‘Dele Issues’

Samuel Ajibola

Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ released the second episode to his comedy skit series titled ‘One Customer Bank’ on March 24, 2017 just 2 weeks on the heels of the debut episode. The show is called ‘Dele Issues’, which is a Nigerian slang of the phrase ‘daily issues’ and also the name of the show’s protagonist, Dele. ​discovered that ​the skit …

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Sibton Switch Systems Limited Ventures Into Interoperability In Ghana

Sibton Switch Systems

Sibton Switch Systems Limited (SSSL); a wholly owned subsidiary of Sibton Communications Limited has revealed to that it will soon deploy transactional interoperability in Ghana, having won a contract to do so and the mandate of Ghana’s Central Bank. Interoperability from a financial perspective involves the ability of a computer system to run application programs from different vendors and to …

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Infantino and Hayatou both need goals and glory in Gabon

LONDON, January 14, 2017 – Gianni Infantino needs the African Nations Cup, launching this weekend in Gabon, to be a success on the pitch; Issa Hayatou needs to be able to boast of a financial success off it. The presidents of world federation FIFA and the African confederation have been tied together in political power games ever since the downfall …

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US Based My-Star Radio Strikes Partnership With Citi-FM Ghana

My-Star Radio, an African Radio station which operates out of the Delaware Valley in the US finalized arrangements in November 2016 to formally begin broadcasting LIVE News segment from one of the biggest media companies in Ghana – Citi FM. This present arrangement means My-Star Radio will be able to pick up the feed for LIVE News Bulletins for broadcast …

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Music Business: What You Need To Know About It

The music business is probably one of the most challenging industries to gain and maintain both popularity and success. It is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling. shares below an article originally written by Michelle Nguyen who is a writer passionate about music, sports, health, and wellness. We think Michelle’s advice is noteworthy especially for newcomers in the music …

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Bitcoin And Other Virtual Currency Security Risk In Ghana

The usage of Bitcoin and kitiwa among other virtual currencies and markets pose severe risks to Ghana’s security says the country’s Financial Intelligence Centre. The assessment is based on available international records that show insurgencies have been funded from Ghana. Saddled with combating money laundering and terrorist financing, the centre is now working to make Ghana the first country in West Africa to publish its national risk …

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A Silver Lining In Panama Papers For Africa

Africa is not the only corrupt continent according to the Panama Papers. That message is the silver lining for Africans in the Panama Papers scandal — a collection of documents linking 143 politicians (and their family members and cronies) to outrageous sums of stolen cash hidden in a topsy-turvy network of offshore bank accounts and shell companies. Yes, Africans are …

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