Questions To Ask In 2021 When Looking At YouTube Channel Analytics

Your Channel Analytics can provide you with a lot of helpful data concerning your channel’s level of success. However, if you don’t know what to look for, it might be a challenge to understand that data. It’s much easier if you go in with a few guiding questions in mind.

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Here are the questions you should be asking yourself when looking at your Channel Analytics.

Do viewers enjoy my videos?

There are several key analytics that reveal how your viewers feel about your content. These analytics measure your audience retention. First is your average view duration, which can be found under the engagement tab. This chart measures how long viewers are actually staying tuned into your content before clicking out of your video.

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Another measurement of audience retention is your average viewers per viewer, which can be found on the audience tab. This analytics tells you how many times an individual viewer watched any video on your channel. If this number is higher than your number of weekly uploads, it means viewers are watching (and even rewatching!) more of your previous uploads.

What demographics am I reaching?

Knowing the kind of people you’re reaching can help you plan videos and sponsorships that will get higher engagement. You can find a lot of data about your viewer demographics on the audience tab. To get to the most important information, click “see more” under the chart.

Demographics such as viewer age, gender, and geography can be helpful when sending sponsorship proposals to brands you want to work with. The data can prove that your audience fits the demographic they’re trying to reach, giving you leverage for negotiations.

How effective are my thumbnails are titles?

Finally, your Channel Analytics can tell you how many viewers are enticed by your thumbnails and titles. You can find this data on the reach tab. First, your impressions will tell you how many users saw your video’s thumbnail and title. This includes your subscribers who saw it in their subscription feeds as well as new viewers who saw your videos in their suggestions.

Then, your impression click-through rate will tell you how many of those users actually clicked on the video. A higher impression click-through rate correlates to more effective thumbnails and titles. It’s even better if your impression click-through rate is close to your view count.

When you look at your Channel Analytics, take note of the data points that directly measure your channel’s engagement and reach. Keep a record of them so you can track your success over time.

Source: Kristen Harris/Promolta

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