Oppong Clifford Benjamin Authors New Book Titled The Virgin Mother

Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Oppong Clifford Benjamin (pictured above) title of his new book, The Virgin Mother.

The Virgin Mother is a 2017 collection of eleven short stories authored by Oppong Clifford Benjamin who also happens to be a poet originally from Ghana. Clifford in an interview with said most of the stories in his new book are fictional.

The book takes its title from one of the stories within” – The Virgin Mother – as the author explains, “this is mainly because all the eleven stories glorify the grand design of life by God.

Clifford continued to explain, “for instance, The Virgin Mother story celebrated the feminine side of God and talked about the mysterious ways the female God manifested Herself to a group of high school dancers. In the story Red Means Go, the character Akushika demonstrated the hidden powers God bestowed in every woman upon reaching the age when she bled once monthly. And so are the other stories; they all are glorifying God in one loud way or the otherwise.”

Oppong Clifford Benjamin says there’s room for all in The Virgin Mother

The book is an anthology of stories written by the author over a period of two years, many of which came out of real life inspiration that he said evolved from experiences with people he had met in life and others from books he had read. The Virgin Mother story, for instance, was inspired by Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello.

I personally advise readers of this book to be at least aged 16 and beyond based on the diction of some of the stories therein, else it’s pretty much open to students of mysticism, lovers of literature and people in search of amusement. Everyone wanting more from the commonest things of life is absolutely welcomed to read it” – Oppong Clifford Benjamin.

Forte Publications based in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, are the publishers of the book. The author met the founder of the publishing house, Mr. Forte Othniel through a poetry anthology called Portor Portor. Both parties have since maintained a close relationship and so it was a matter of the right thing happening at the right time that brought the book to life.

To buy the soft copy of The Virgin Mother follow this link or simply type the title and or author’s name into the search box online.

About the Author

Oppong Clifford Benjamin is a Civil Engineer by profession now pursuing postgraduate studies. This short story collection is the first attempt at prose by the author who indulges more in poetry. His poems were featured in Kwee Magazine, The Portor Portor by Forte Othniel (an international anthology which featured twelve emerging and established poets like Professor Anthea Mark-Romeo and Jack Kolkmeyer, both renowned poets) and the UK poetry library.

I have read my poems to audiences in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Russia and am a regular contributor to the Words Rhyme and Rhythm (WRR), platform“, Clifford revealed to WRR is the largest poetry sharing platform in Africa, owned by Kukogho Iruesiri Sampson, a multi-award winning Poet from Nigeria.

In 2013, the WRR named the author as Ghana Poet of the year. Clifford runs the blog, his works have also littered the Internet courtesy of his Facebook account and other social media outlets.

Source: Oral Ofori

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