One-on-one with Ghanaian Reggae Musician Edy Weyori

Edy Weyori is a reggae singer and musician from Bolgatanga, Ghana’s Upper Region. Bolgatanga is about 100 miles north of Tamale, and the capital of Upper Region.

The majority of enslaved Ghanaians, according to Edy, were seized from this region and sent to the Elimina and Cape Coast Slave Castles. Aside Accra, he believes returnees should visit the Bolgatanga region, where their forefathers left.

Weyori’s music is inspired by his “homeland,” combining a deeply rooted African voice with contemporary harmonies to “portray Africa’s rich history and tradition.”

In an interview with Oral Ofori of TheAfricandream.net, Weyori discussed brief personal details about himself, career and family.

What or who is the Inspiration behind what you are doing?

“The main driving force or inspiration is the passion for the art and also to cause a positive change in society through good music.

I am also inspired by the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and the great Joseph Hill (Culture). I did also listen to artist like Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and Blakk Rasta Blending modern day reggae music with the Africa Rhythm and culture.”

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What is peculiar about what you do and how do you stand out from others?

“My kind of music stands out from the rest because the intention is not only to entertain but to also bring to the attention of the world our story, which portrays our culture as a people than the imitations from foreign culture that most of our main stream artist do.”

What’s your name, educational, and career background?

“My birth name is Edward Weyori, and I hold a certificate in Marketing and Advertising with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).”

Impressive! Who are some of the people you have worked with or would love to work with and why them?

“My first song Homeland, it was recordered with a Ghanaian-based Burkinabe Artist called Nabare Dam Chambu (Sammy young).

Homeland – Edy Weyori Feat Sammy Young

I also recorded with King Ayisoba a song entitled ‘Tingongo’.

Edy Weyori ft King Ayisoba – Tingongo

I will also like to work with Kojo Antwi and Blakk Rasta, but more importantly, I will like to have a song with Kenyata Hills, the son of the legendary Joseph Hill.”

What can people expect from you this year?

“I will like to make a compilation of all the songs l did in a single Album for the numerous fans and followers on social media as well as good new music videos yet to come.”

What was the hardest moment for you on your journey that almost made you give up and why did you keep going on?

“The hardest moment in my life was when I lost my elder brother who taught me all that I am into now concerning music. It was after his passing, that I also discovered my purpose and mission in life, I had to sit up and face reality the uncomfortable way.”

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About COVID-19 restrictions, when did you start to really feel the pinch?

“The Covid came at a time I met and recorded a song with King Ayisoba and was suppose start a tour immediately after the launch, but Covid became a stumbling block and until now the song is still not getting the promotion that had been planned for such a nice piece.”

How has COVID19 changed things for you and what positive thing has it taught you?

“Covid-19 has taught us how to promote my work through social media, hence making me use other means that would not have been used to create awareness about my work. The positive impact of Covid-19 is making us more abreast with opportunities through social medias.”

You can reach out to Edy Weyori on YouTube and Facebook, or through WhatsApp on +233 207 572 881

Source: TheAfricanDream.net

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