Meet the passionate Master of Ceremonies Bismark Somuah

Bismark Somuah is a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and a good one at that if it must be said. Crew members of TheAfricanDream.net had the pleasure of watching him work in Columbus Ohio in the United States early September 2017 where he was a true delight to observe.

The Ohio-based Ghanaian born MC has been following his passion and working in the field for close to two decades, he started out in the year 2000 working in both the English and Ghanaian Akan language.

His most recent assignment was in Columbus, Ohio where he was MC for the 2017 African Picnic. Still in Columbus, Ohio, in September 2017, Mr. Somuah was contracted to be MC for the dinner-dance and fundraiser of the Okwahuman Association of North America.

Okwahuman Association is a great organization, it was such a privilege for me to have been invited to be the MC for that event, especially when one takes into account the fact that this was their 30th-year-anniversary celebrations too. I gave off my best as usual at this special event” — Mr. Somuah said to TheAfricanDream.net.

Up close with Bismark Somuah

When Bismark is not behind the microphone being an MC, he is probably behind a microphone being a radio DJ at Holyhills Radio — a Christian themed radio station based in Reynoldsburg Ohio, or he has a mic in hand preaching at Pentecost International Worship Center in Columbus Ohio where he is an Elder. He is also a Director at Holyhills Radio. Listeners to his program that TheAfricanDream.net talked to say there is something about his calming voice and insight on whatever subject he delves into.

With over 300 MC’ing assignments under his belt including programs at funerals, parties, weddings and invites from organizations and to special events plus church functions, Bismark certainly has a storehouse of experience and a charm to his personality. He reveals that he gets his inspiration and motivation from reading to catch up with trends both of the industry and life.

However, I particularly read the Holy Bible a lot, it has been the secret to my success and perseverance. I really believe I have come this far based on the blessings of the Lord on my life and my faithfulness to the word,” Bismark said to Oral Ofori of TheAfricanDreams.net in an interview.

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When asked what pushed him into the world of MC’ing, he revealed that he was encouraged to become an MC by his senior brother; Dr. Alexander Somuah, a renowned pharmacist based in the US city of Houston in Texas.

The future according to Bismark Somuah

For me the future is all about being a positive influence on people so I can pull them towards God, I have a lot of experience but I also feel I have a lot more to learn and I want to become much better every day at everything I do — whether on the pulpit or on the mic as an MC“, Bismark said of his future.

The MC who is married also has three sisters and according to him, he finds time in his busy schedule to work as an Operational Loss Analyst at Chase Bank in Ohio. He takes assignments all over and his MC’ing ambitions have seen him travel the US east coast. Watch him in the video below and to book Bismark Somuah for your event or functions, email him at bsomuah@hotmail.com, his phone number is +1614-973-3142.

Source: TheAfricanDream.net

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