Iconic Ghanaian actor/philanthropist kicks off ‘The Van Vicker 43rd Birthday Global Giveaway’

Hurray! It’s the 43rd birthday of the celebrated Ghanaian movie icon, Joseph Van Vicker. As part of the birthday celebrations, is excited to inform you that Van Vicker is embarking on a global giveaway campaign starting the day of his birthday this August 1st and lasting two weeks. This is the first time Van is doing something like this but not the first time he’s used creative means to give back to fans and society.

I wanted my 43rd-birthday to not just be about me especially in this time when the world is facing a pandemic. I felt like sharing my joy with the world and in the process bringing others some joy — we all deserve to be happy, so I had this idea and shared it with my team and family and they loved it,” said Mr. Van Vicker.

The actor who won back-to-back awards at the Ghana Movie Awards and Pan African Film Festival told that ‘The Van Vicker 43rd Birthday Global Giveaway‘ already involves companies and brands and other entities and individuals that are freely giving out $20,000 US dollars worth of goods and services to his loyal fans across the globe.

Van Vicker

Talking to in the US, Van Vicker said “I have brands and companies on board to give away prizes during my loyalty campaign, this initiative will increase awareness of the participating brands or companies and no it’s not too late for any company or individual to join this party as a sponsor or supporter of this initiative. Which is why I’m inviting more brands and companies to come on board as well. Joining the campaign would give brands the exposure desired and get people around the world to not only be aware of your products or services but to sample them as well, giving your prospective clients a true experience,” said the birthday man.

To join this campaign as a company, brand, or sponsor, send a WhatsApp message to +233542913584. Now here is how the campaign will be carried out as explained by the iconic movie star: to enter the campaign as a fan, Van explained that from August 1-14, 2020 you as an existing fan would have to; follow or like his respective verified social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook); repost pictures of his and participating brands while tagging these brands in all posts and; sharing them.

After a week of tweeting, retweeting, sharing, reposting, etc, winners will be selected and they will pick up their prizes from the participating companies. Then the process repeats itself for the second week allowing the campaign to run for two weeks. Winners will only win prizes from brands that are in their country of residence as this is a global campaign. The brands or companies or entrepreneurs who give these prizes will enjoy benefits which include but not limited to:

  • mentioning their brand or company in all campaign posts within the- two-week period.
  • tagging the company or brand in all posts.
  • Van will also post the brand flyer, artwork, or poster.
  • increased fanbase
  • increased followings on their social media (SM) pages
  • generate & increase awareness of their brand.
  • Social Media visibility of their product and or services
  • selected winners will get to sample their products.
  • generate traffic to their Social media handles/pages.
  • they can trend within the 2wk period on SM
  • they will have quality brand affiliation with other brands and mine.

Before this is all over a few fans will be randomly picked by Van Vicker himself for special live chats on social media and the star who is also CEO at Sky+Orange products will at a later date and in line with his philanthropic spirit pick an entity to give back to. So keep your eyes glued on ‘The Van Vicker 43rd Birthday Global Giveaway‘ for more exciting reveals and information.

Happy birthday in advamce Van Vicker, from all of us here at in the Washington DC area of the United States.


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