“I was one busy creative before COVID19, now thanks to the pandemic I have discovered more of me” — Orthan Core reveals

Again TheAfricanDream.net weighs the impact of COVID-19 on the life and art of an artist. Coming out of a pandemic that almost knocked the world out, government institutions, as well as private organizations and individuals. We are analyzing the effect of the Coronavirus on humans and their activities. And today artists the artist under our covid-scope is new and emerging act Orthan Core.

The professional musician, certified chef, yoga instructor, and social worker, Orthan Cardain Cory Gohagen, also known in the music arena as Orthan Core shared his story and insights with us. We hope it resonates with some of you.

Orthan went through a British schooling system from preschool to community College level. Aside from his rich education, life has also taught him valuable lessons. So it was no wonder when he said to TheAfricanDream.net that his musical inspiration is derived from life in general, specifically the everyday experiences of people. “The endless possibilities that I see daily in humanity, for example, the unification of Africans and the blood of my ancestors eternally inspire me,” he said. 

Tracy Chapman, Lucky Dube, Sam Cook, Burna Boy and Akon are a few of the musicians that bear a heavy influence on the work of Orthan who admitted that the list was indeed endless in truth, but these are among the few he could quickly share.

The artists at the core of Orthan’s wishlist

Some of the people I have worked with so far are a long list of super talented acts who are not known in the mainstream world of music, however, they have been making great contributions behind the scenes. A few are Shaquille Forbes (percussionist from Ragamuffin Koffe band), Nigel Asher, and other great music makers living in Hamburg, Germany. I did a small project with the Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter Lila Ike and have also been blessed to work with Savana from the Indi collective and a lot of great people.” 

Orthan Core

Orthan Core added that he would love to work more with “brothers and sisters (musicians) from the African continent,” explaining to TheAfricanDream.net that “I am open to anyone who also creates music that speaks the language of nature, so if I should choose artist/s that can help me realize this dream then they would include Tracy Chapman, Alecia keys and Africa’s own Akon and Burna Boy of Senegal and Nigeria respectively.”

I am inspired by all the elements of life so it is a fusion of all these elements that form the tapestry of my musical fabric,” the artist said in response to what sets him apart from others. “I am so used to creating music that I sometimes flow by following the rhythm and tempo of my heart too.” Orthan Core revealed.

The music he makes is truly organic. Occasionally when he is given a computerized beat, the spirit in the song still finds a way to come alive on top of the beat… Most profound in all this is the message that transcends the mental and social boundaries. It uniquely speaks to all, in a way that lets the mother of identical twins still tell her children apart.

I was one busy creative before COVID19, now thanks to the pandemic I have discovered more of me

Orthan Core took a deep breath before responding when we asked how COVID19 had changed things for him and what it has also taught him. He solemnly told us that the pandemic gave him more time to heal and connect deeply to himself, explaining that “before it (COVID19) started I was someone always busy creating new art.”

I am thankful for the power of music and how being a creative provides me both a great escape and freedom. On the other hand, though, it saddens me sometimes to see how much people are taken over by the fear of COVID19. This to me revealed that we are more socially and spiritually disconnected as humans than we have ever been. With that, I also see it as a part of the process some of us must go through before we can realize the true values of life — I guess sometimes for the very good to happen, the very bad must precede it,” said a philosophical Orthan who has a spiritual reggae vibe to his flow.

In confinements of quarantine, he has been cooking his first album titled ‘Jungle Treatment‘, which he is expected to serve hot in September 2021. He has however served his fans and music lovers a sweet bite of the album already. To that, the music maker revealed he has released visuals of ‘Mother Earth‘ this April, a single from the Jungle Treatment album.


The rich music video of Mother Earth was shot in Amsterdam. He explained that the message that the video and the song brought is simple and raw awareness to mankind. “It instructs humanity to pay attention to the wrongs and the unhealthy way of living,” Orthan Core said about the video which he used to advocate that it was time humans started to be good humans even to themselves, even amidst a pandemic.

There is more Orthan Core information available on his official weblink http://smarturl.it/gpsn06 but he loves interacting directly, so also reach him via his email address orthancoremusic@gmail.com and yes he replies, that’s how we first connected with him…

Written by Oral Ofori

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