Heroes of COVID-19: new Rocky Dawuni ‘Champion Arise’ video is positivity

Grammy-nominated reggae musician and activist Rocky Dawuni of Ghana has a new single out amid Covid-19 that is accompanied by a visually appealing music video and titled “Champion Arise” from his current and seventh studio album, Beats of Zion.

In an interview from Ghana, Rocky told TheAfricanDream.net that his desire is for people who listen to Champion Arise or watch the video to be encouraged despite the current global pandemic. He said this track will make you “stand up and feel the wave as it unleashes doses of inspiration to calm your fears and uplift the global vibration!

“There is a lot of fear and anxiety across the world right now because of COVID-19, this is, therefore, my little contribution to add to all the positive efforts being made globally by persons from all walks of life to inject a sense of awareness and hope into humanity through the power of music,” something which makes him one of TheAfricanDream.net Heroes of COVID-19.

To say this track is a full circle arrival to the power of his lyrics and voice is an understatement because he bests himself and voice by delivering a personal emotive best mixed with catchy choruses and melodic guitar riffs that slides into an acoustically jamming modern reggae tune. The cool part, Rocky himself put it all together as he unveils his other talent as a music producer.

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TheAfricanDream.net had the privilege of catching the video-premier on Champion Arise on the website of this May 14, 2020, and dangit, it’s got that groove you need to prove you can improve your moves in dance dude. Simply put, The video is colorfully enticing and practically invites you through its rhythm and importantly its lyrics to escape into positive possibilities.

Shot on various locations, including the premises of world-renowned Woodshed Studios of Malibu in California, the scenes for this part of the clip brings the iconic studio which was partially destroyed in the Malibu fire of 2018 to life. Filming in these creative spaces that have experienced extreme situations but resiliently rising, symbolically represent the spirit of the mythical phoenix rising through fire to ultimately prevail…

Rocky artfully combines words and lyrics through the video to make a call to action for a spiritual revolution to activate the “Champion” mindset. Whether you are watching or listening to “Champion Arise“, the non-subtle sense of being prepared to rise from the doldrums is deeply felt. We felt it for sure and guarantee it will speak to you no matter your situation, and if you are a Rocky fan then don’t resist the urge to pump up that volume buddy.

Miraculously, Rocky made it to Ghana before the borders got closed as part of lockdown procedures against COVID-19 to film the other parts of this new music video. The production crew chose Aburi in Ghana for this purpose. Dawuni explained, “the idea was to capture visuals that were real, intimate, uplifting, joyful yet mystical at the same time and present them as metaphors to communicate a concept of renewal, rebirth, and victory after destruction and defeat.”

The compound housing the ruins of the iconic Tuff Gong Africa studio, built by Rita Marley in honor of Bob Marley that was destroyed in a 2010 fire after its completion got resurrected in the new music video, as Rocky declares it by pushing his fist into the air in the video.

I had recently taken possession of this place with a new vision to bring it back to life,” Dawuni said, “the story of this studio and my current efforts to revitalize and rebuild it back from the ashes into a new center of music and youth culture captures the unspoken moral of video,” he went on.

Champion Arise carries a timely message of hope, revival, and empowerment at a moment when the whole world is undergoing a crisis of disruption and uncertainty. It joyfully celebrates the resilient power of the human spirit to overcome the most adverse challenge,” Dawuni added in a press release about the video directed by Jon Riera and Casey Bridges with additional editing by Deborah Koffler.

Distributed by Six Degrees Distribution and on Beats of Zion album, the almost 4-minutes-long Champion Arise track placed third on the album can be streamed or purchased at this link. Watch and share the video below and visit www.rockydawuni.com for more info.

Written by Oral Ofori

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