Guitarist Princess Boateng has more melodic strings besides music

( – Princess Boateng is known for her skills at playing the guitar, with an intriguing attraction for music in general, despite being a medical student. She’s lively, jovial and enjoys a day full of smiles and positive vibes whether in the United States (U.S.) where she’s based or in Ghana where her lineage is from.

Princess who will be graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in the U.S. this December with bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences is also edging towards a full time opportunity with the United States Agency for International Development.

According to her, she finds “peace in music, especially in playing the guitar,” and that she thinks every string can tell a beautiful story, if the one playing it decides it.

“I just love music and grew up taking piano lessons and singing in a choir so once I had the time and opportunity to try and learn things on the guitar, I just took it and ran!” she said in an interview with in July 2022.

Although “there was really no specific inspiration behind the start of my guitar playing journey” she says, she believes her strong interest for music could have evolve from a natural attraction for the sounds of musical instruments.

Princess considers playing the guitar a hobby even though she plays well, and synchronises even better with her melodious voice.

“In regards to playing the guitar, it’s always been a personal thing. I haven’t really pursued working with people necessarily,” she said. Some of her best performances have come from volunteering for “worship nights, especially with me and my friends and I end up playing my guitar for those experiences.”

Ms. Boateng believes she can consider playing on a big stage or taking her guitar playing skills to the next level it the possibility and opportunity arises and she feels ready for it. One such opportunity she looks to advantage of is a collaboration with CalledOut Music.

“I would have to say that I love CalledOut Music’s sound and would love to meet him one day!” she said to

For the remainder of this year though, Princess will concentrate on fully implementing some of the “business visions that the Lord has placed in my heart,” she said, giving a clue at another skillset she’s baking in her oven of ideas…

“Firstly, I will be opening up my Baking business very soon so stay tuned to my social media accounts for more information,” she added. According to Princess, she loves being creative, and baking also opens up that part of her culinary artistry.

In May, she hinted to her followers on Instagram that she may also consider a hobby in “mini vlogging,” that would showcase her Ghanaian culture and heritage straight from her lenses. She made her first compilation when she went visiting the town of Yeboahkrom in Kumasi, Ghana.

According to Princess, the long Covid-19 pandemic lockdown led her to take up many skillset and hobbies, that she now finds beneficial. Although she admits it was tough at first, because “I honestly felt the pinch of Covid right at the beginning. I think I knew what was to come and I knew it wasn’t going to be good so I started being anxious right before we locked down.”

“I ended up having to come out of agreement with that mindset and started to focus on what God was trying to do with me in the midst of all the chaos. I ended up picking up so many hobbies too! Guitar was not part of those hobbies but I just recently started playing in the fall of 2021,” she disclosed.

Story by Oral Ofori, Founder at

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