GhPAC endorses Owusu Anane for New York State Assembly

Ghana Diaspora Political Action Committee USA (GhPAC) has endorsed Owusu Anane (D-NY) for the 109th District Seat in the New York State Assembly, to reflect the group’s commitment to empowering Ghanaian Americans through civic and political action. 

Owusu, a son of Ghanaian immigrants, is a schoolteacher and small business owner who has been a passionate advocate for the Pine Hills neighborhood since volunteering for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and interning for then-Assembly member Hakeem Jeffries. 

His dedication to public service and his diverse background make him “uniquely qualified”. Anane aims to become the first person of color to represent Albany at the state level, focusing on increasing funding for education, supporting small businesses, and securing more resources for local municipalities. 

“I just want to say I appreciate everything that [GHPAC] is doing. Everyone needs to have a seat at the table. It’s important, particularly, that our diverse backgrounds, as sons and daughters of Ghanaian immigrants or supporters of the Ghanaian community, come together, no matter where we are in the United States,” said Owusu Anane (D-NY) in a meeting with GHPAC Founding Council on Tuesday, June 18.

“The Ghanaian community is just growing in the Capital region, and we need someone to lead and be a good partner to make sure that their needs and issues are addressed. We’ve never had a person of color at the state level, and I think that it’s time, we need someone at the seat who have lived experience with the issues that we are all going through right now.”

Owusu Anane / © GHPAC

His commitment to the Ghanaian community and his proven track record of advocacy have garnered him significant support as he seeks to bring a new generation of leadership to the New York State Assembly. He is running to represent Albany, Guilderland, and New Scotland.

Owusu is campaigning to make housing affordable for working families, close the racial education gap, address crime and public safety, protect economic opportunities, and drive State aid to local municipalities. Owusu is also pushing for a community center to help facilitate resources for the thriving Ghanaian community in Albany.

Ghanaians living in New York contribute significantly to the state’s cultural, economic, and social fabric. They contribute through entrepreneurship, owning businesses in various sectors such as retail, healthcare, and technology. They create job opportunities, contribute to the tax base, and stimulate economic growth.

Ghanaians in New York contribute to the state’s healthcare sector, working as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Their expertise and dedication help improve healthcare access and quality for New York residents. They also actively participate in community service and volunteerism, supporting local initiatives and charitable causes. 

They engage in cultural exchanges, promoting understanding and appreciation of Ghanaian culture among New Yorkers.

“We are thrilled to endorse Owusu Anane for the 109th district New York State Assembly seat. Owusu’s dedication to community, proven record in local government, and passion for public service makes him an exceptional candidate. Owusu is the definition of showing up and doing good. We believe his historic candidacy as the first person of color to represent Albany at the state level is a significant milestone for our community,” said Adjoa Kyerematen from GHPAC.

Owusu Anane (M) with campaign supporters / © Owusu Campaign Page / FB

The committee is the political arm of Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective established to increase the number of Ghanaian Americans elected to political office, support candidates that champion the interests of the Ghanaian American community and promote Ghanaian American participation in the political process.

Ghana Diaspora Public Affairs Collective is a nonpartisan, nonprofit social welfare advocacy collective dedicated to empowering Ghanaians in the Diaspora through civic and political action. We are committed to working collectively as Ghanaians, people of Ghanaian descent and friends of Ghana to encourage civic engagement and advance policies through research, education, and community building.

“Owusu will be a needed added voice for Ghanaians immigrants and their descendants at the highest levels of New York government. He embodies the leadership and advocacy we need for a brighter future,” added Mr. Kyerematen. 

Source: GHPAC

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