FIFA-recognized European agent Alessio Sundas is now eyeing US soccer

In the business of football, precisely in the area of scouting and player management, Alessio Sundas is a household name in Europe. This Italian sports agent and founder of Sports Man (scouting agency) is also a media entrepreneur, author, and television personality who wants to imprint on Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States (US).

Recently, in 2020, Alessio Sundas who is also a renowned FIFA agent and players’ manager started making inroads into the MLS. The celebrated player-manager who in 2018 initiated the restoration of the Serie A Championship to its former glory, in an interview with revealed that: “MLS is a fantastic market and footballing communities are starting to like it here in the USA too.

The man has over 20 years of management experience managing great footballers like Italian-Tunisian goalkeeper Aladin Ayoub, and Ferjani Sassi who is one of Africa’s best midfielders now playing with Egypt’s Zamalek SC.

Alessio Sundas in file photo

I am trying to enter the American market and I must say that I am receiving great satisfaction. I am increasing my contacts and networks more and more in the process. I found many guys with a great desire to improve and do well in the MLS too. I’ve been working with several of them in the hope that I will be successful at placing European players into MLS to help enhance its championships,” Alessio shared.

Sundas MLS and World soccer initiatives

Sundas is well known in the soccer community for proposing initiatives that lead to the development of league structures and football business in general. A recent example being in February 2020 where he proposed to FIFA to allow the use of non-EU players to play in Serie A and European clubs, he has also made a proposal for radical change in the American MLS championship.

He shared with that “the American championship, like everything here, is spectacular and indeed magnificent. However, I notice that many things are missing and certainly its regulation can be changed for the better. I am also working in this direction with targeted proposals.

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The Italian FIFA agent said of his sensational proposal to better MLS when he said “it will not derive enough money just from enrolling clubs in the championships, there needs to be some very specific rules.”

There will need to be a change in the rules, which will introduce guidelines on relegation and promotions. The aim of all this is to strengthen the teams and also the nurseries and increase the spectacle on the pitch to entertain the fans,” he said.

I want rules in the MLS that encourages priority for whoever wins and earns the most points in the standings, as normally happens in all European championships, and not who has the most money in their teams.” More of his ideas could be seen at which is his personal blog. was curious to know what the future of the MLS looked like for Sundas. Especially considering how observers of soccer in the US have noticed great champions leaving leagues in Europe for the MLS championship for some years now…

I’d like to close the deal of the century — Messi in MLS

Well, we at Sport Man, my agency in Italy, are looking to positively add to that exodus by making the MLS look attractive so more great players of the caliber of French world champion and Juventus champion Blaise Matuidi and others I know will admire the American league.

Alessio added that, “we are working hard at Sport Man to help also bring some younger but experienced African players and players from elsewhere into the MLS because we feel the game is still at its developmental stages in the US but it has a lot of promise in the future.”

When asked Sundas about his next big transfer move, the ace football agent who managed the transfer of Brazilian national player team player Andressa Alves da Silva from FC Barcelona to AS Roma, said he was in contact with some players like Andressa whom he brought from Barcelona to Roma, and Mister Sven-Göran Eriksson.

Ultimately, I’d like to close the deal of the century and bring Lionel Messi to MLS,” Sundas revealed, adding if he pulls this off then “that will mean while half the world goes about their business, the other half will be watching the US because of Lionel Messi playing in the MLS.”

We wish our friend Alessio Sundas all the best and bring you up to date with his MLS ambitions, feel free to reach if you want us to directly connect you with the Italian FIFA agent and manager.

Written by Oral Ofori

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