Earth Seed to host Marcus Garvey Day Exhibition

Hair and body products brand, Earth Seed will host an exhibit in celebration of Jamaican-born pioneer of Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, to mark his 137th post-houmous birthday under the theme “African Excellence.”

The exhibit according to Earth Seed will feature some the best artists, artisans, birthworkers, botanists, contractors, designers, educators, foodologist, healers, organizers, realtors, etc., with emphasis on the African Diaspora.

The event is a celebration of Garvey’s unique Pan-African philosophy called Garveyism, that inspired an economic empowerment focused on Africa. Garvey was born in Saint Ann’s Bay, Jamaica on August 17th, 1887.

He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1914, which became one of the largest Pan-African organizations in history. Garvey advocated for the unity of people of African descent worldwide, promoting self-reliance, economic empowerment, and independence.

His “Back to Africa” movement aimed to establish a homeland for people of African descent and foster a sense of pride and identity among them. Garvey’s ideas influenced later Pan-African leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X, and others, leaving a lasting impact on the movement. Garvey’s vision of a united Africa and the empowerment of black people globally continues to inspire Pan-Africanists today.

Event flyer / © Earth Seed

The event will be held on August 18, at the Crowther’s Place on Aburi Road, Ghana. Exhibitors will be available featuring entrepreneurs, organizers and community leaders. The exhibit will feature vintage music and Reggae music from DJ Tony Roots and DJ Serius.

Recognized globally for her viral track “Went To Ghana”, hip-hop artist Zak’isha Brown will be performing at the event. Attendees will enjoy cuisines from the Caribbean, the Americas, and Africa. Park activities, games and prizes will be available for children. There will be also be a spoken word poetry and an after party event.

The event’s organizer, Earth Seed founded in 2004 sources, packages, and delivers the best all-natural, oils, butters, and soaps for all skin types & hairs.

Staff of Earth Seed / © Earth Seed

“We make natural products as our way of maintaining natural order. We’re protecting the ways of old, because we know they are the ways of the future. In the process we’re realigning ourselves with the creative forces that brought life to this once barren planet and reclaiming the powers we will need to breathe life, once again, into Mother Earth. We were influenced and inspired by Octavia Butler’s “Parable of a Sower,” said Ras AriEl Yahzid and Egyinma Acquah-Yahzid, Co-Founders of Earth Seed.


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