African Telecommunications Union and Child Online Africa Launches Africa Week of Action for Child Online Protection

The African Telecommunication Union (ATU) and Child Online Africa (COA) will host the first ever Africa  Week of Action for Child Online Protection (AWA4COP) that will focus on rallying African countries to keep  the momentum and continue creating awareness on Child Online Protection in order to safeguard the  well-being, integrity, and safety of African children online. This week of action will run from 7th to 11th June 2021 under theme, Make Child Online Protection Visible.  

The Child Online Protection (COP) Initiative is a multi-stakeholder network launched by the International  Telecommunication Union (a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for all matters related  to information and communication technologies) that brings together children, parents and educators,  stakeholders in the ICT industry and policymakers, to create a safe and empowering online experience for  children and young people around the world. 

In explaining the significance and the urgency of the campaign, ATU Secretary General Mr. John OMO  highlighted the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased use of digital technologies and  internet by African children which in turn has led to increased exposure of our children online making  them more vulnerable. 

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“Now more than ever, our African children are vulnerable to online criminals and offenders creating an  urgent need for protecting them. It is for this reason that we want to work with African countries to ensure  child online protection,” he said.  

Starting this year, the Africa Week of Action for Child Online Protection (AWA4COP) will be an annual  campaign that will be taking place every 2nd week of June. For this inaugural campaign, Child Online Africa  and the African Telecommunications Union will work together to rally the Civil Society and the Non Governmental Organizations to join them in this call to action.  

Speaking about the campaign, Mrs. Awo Aidam Amenyah, Executive Director of Child Online Africa urged  stakeholders to participate and support the campaign as the results will contribute to the realization of  Agenda 2030, Agenda 2040, Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Digital Transformation strategy for Africa on  the back of the historic General Comment 25 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC) which reinforces Children’s rights in the digital world. “This campaign is in line with ATU and  COA’s broad vision of ensuring the wellbeing of the African child. The initiative has practical tools to assist 

stakeholders such as African Governments, teachers and parents in addressing concerns of African  children in the digital world,” she said.  

Among other things, the initiative also promotes digital skills on online safety for children and young  people and empowers them with knowledge on how to exercise their rights online as well as manage  online risks. 

For this inaugural campaign, Child Online Africa and African Telecommunication Union are urging African  countries to consider the Child Online Protection Guidelines as a solid foundation on which the  Governments can develop inclusive, multi-stakeholder national strategies for online child protection. Among the recommendations ATU and COA are urging African Governments to consider, include:  

• Develop a national strategy for Child Online Protection to include actions to be taken against  perpetrators of violence and abuse of children. 

• Build capacity for frontline workers regarding online-related risks. 

• Initiate a multi-stakeholder approach for country-level implementation of strategies. • Ensure a dedicated and easy-to-use channel for reporting incidents and counselling. • Commit resources to the various sectors of Child Protection to mainstream Online Safety concerns  while making it effective. 

• Listen and respond to the voices of those affected.  

• Create an enabling environment for individuals and civil society to voice their concerns and seek  redress in matters of child online abuse. 


About the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) 

The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) was founded in 1977 as a specialized agency of the  Organization of African Unity, now African Union, in the field of telecommunications with Member States  as its membership. ATU took its present name in 1999 via a transformation which in part saw the  incorporation of the private sector into its membership as associate members. 

ATU provides a forum for stakeholders involved in ICT to formulate effective policies and strategies aimed  at improving access to information infrastructure and services. In addition, the Union represents the  interests of its members at global decision-making conferences and promotes initiatives aimed at  integrating regional markets, attracting investment into ICT infrastructure, and building institutional and  human capacity. The mission of the Union is to accelerate the development of the  telecommunications/ICTs in Africa in order to achieve digital economies. The Union envisions an Africa  that is empowered as an inclusive information society with strong digital economies for sustainable social,  economic and environmental development in Africa.  

ATU currently has 48 Member States drawn from Governments and 54 Associate Members from within and outside the African region. 

About Child Online Africa (COA) 

Child Online Africa (COA) is a child focused research and advocacy non-governmental organization that  campaigns for/with children and young people and their families to influence policies and change  practices that affect child welfare in Ghana and across Africa. We build partnerships with organizations  and individuals to promote online safety by employing rights and evidence-based advocacy approaches  to achieve sustainable outcomes. 

Source: ATU/COA

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