African Innovation and Integration of WordCamp Conferences

WordCamp attendee William Derek Jackson is of the opinion that the unmistakable truth to mastering technology is understanding the reality that 80% of all tech careers require the ability to read and comprehend the written word, no matter what language.

William Jackson, educationist and WordCamp lover

African nations are realizing the empowerment of thought leadership using tech. There can be several hundred dialects and language nuances that are related to the African language
and technology can connect and magnify the African voices.

Mr. Jackson, himself a blogger, volunteer, organizer and speaker at WordCamp events revealed that communication on multiple platforms can mean sharing content, recognizable 
content delivery, growth in collaboration and cooperation locally, nationally and
on the continent itself.

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 75 million sites on the web.

Achieving success in today’s digital arenas requires each generation of youth, 
teens and young adults to respect the power of innovation and integration of tech
and being able to communicate through spoken or written word on digital platforms. 
Youth, teens and young adults in Africa must be provided opportunities to attend
Kids Camp and WordCamp conferences.

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WordCamp conferences are growing throughout the African continent, the access 
to innovators, creators, educators, developers, visionaries and others with an eye 
to the sky for investments is increasing as the infrastructure supporting wireless, 
satellite and other technologies expands said Mr. Jackson who also labels himself a parent and educator for life.

Cell phone tech has grown by leaps and bounds, WordPress allows content from 
wireless devices that can empower African content development. Text, video, 
Podcasting and the use of “live” broadcasts are available, providing content 
that is current and engaging.

The African educational system has increased access to digital tools to build new 
generations of digital innovators, content developers, journalist, business people, and 
software engineers. From the Kids Camp to the WordCamp conference young 
people like 12-year-old web developer, Obaloluwa Odelana (in the video below) at WordCamp Lagos 
2018 can grow into being digital influencers globally, and represent Africa’s young 
innovators and intellectuals.

I feel that Africa is facing historic transitions where there is a growing need for 
African people to be in the right places at the right times so Africans can benefit 
from the influence and empowerment tech can provide. Africa can have a significant 
global influence in so many areas only when more of its citizens like Mr. Odelana are 
mentored and provided increased educational opportunities,” Mr. Jackson said.

The terms thought leadership, digital innovator, smart creatives and others carry 
respect and influence the vision for the direction of African nations.

Before African students enter the workforce, they will have to understand and be able to 
apply 21st-century tech skill-sets and use tactical and strategic judgments in how 
and why to integrate technology. Mr. Jackson feels the WordCamp and the developing Kids Camp are showing how digital innovation and integration are influencing African generations to come.

Find out more about WordCamp Central and Kids Camp and where their next events will be in Africa by visiting and also trace online the hashtag #MyQuestToTeach for updates about William Jackson.


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