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Mothupi Kgopa 2018 book teaching young Africans early money management skills

Mothupi Kgopa

Best-selling South African author Mothupi Kgopa is out with a new book titled ‘African Wealth: Little Money Bird‘. The book’s objective is to assist parents to teach their children money management from an early age. Kgopa’s new book seeks to get parents on the continent to lead the new revolution of raising financially literate children. As recounted in the book: …

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Nomination Opens for 2017 100 Most Influential Young Africans

Influential Young Africans

Africa Youth Awards, the leading organization that honors young leaders and achievers across Africa has opened nominations for the 2017 edition of its annual ranking of the Most Influential Young Africans. The inaugural list which was released in 2016, had a massive reception from across the continent including the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, and other influential Africans. It also …

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Washington DC-based Diaspora Africans excited about 2018 #JollofWars


“No! No! No! No way will Ghana let Nigeria have the luxury of winning #JollofWars come the 2018 edition of Jollof Festival in Washington DC again, this 2nd time must be in Ghana’s favor, Ghana cannot lose to Nigeria like in 2017!” Exclaimed Kwame, my Ghanaian friend who is based in the Washington DC area of the United States. After …

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Young poet speaks on his art and The African Dream

Oppong Clifford Benjamin is a poet who calls himself a proud citizen of the African Continent, he is originally from a village called Prestea in the Western Region of Ghana. Oppong has been writing poetry since age 14 and his work has been noticed by other seasoned and young poets across Africa in countries like South Africa and Nigeria.‘ I first …

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US based exercise physiologist asks Africans to exercise more

Lauretta defies winter cold to still exercise. Lauretta Ashu has called on Africans to take exercising more seriously owing to the obvious health benefits it has, but more importantly due to the fact that the art of keeping fit through exercising is becoming lost to some Africans. Miss Ashu is a professional with academic and work experiences in physical rehabilitation …

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Africans in and out of diaspora asked to take taxation seriously

Nana Osei Amoh, CEO of Auxano Limited Liability Company (LLC), a budding financial firm in Virginia USA has taken advantage of the tax season in 2013 to call on his fellow Ghanaians and Africans all over the USA and those living on the continent to take their financial issues very seriously and pay careful attention to taxation. This is because …

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Young Ghanaian in US inspired by Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum, Obama and radio

Kwame with Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum – Ghanaian politician Dominic O. Agyepong is a good friend of mine who in conjunction with other friends of his are establishing themselves as passionate Ghanaians in Alexandria Virginia with the sole objective of serving the Ghanaian and African community in the USA’s District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) and worldwide. Dominic, however, prefers …

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Why African Governments need to budget more for Outer Space

outer space

The concept of outer space may mean nothing to the common man in the streets of Lagos, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Cairo. Africa’s most pressing challenges include poverty, inadequate health care, poor infrastructure and education. In essence, governments in Africa should give priority and commit resources to address these pressing challenges. It may sound Utopian to ask African governments to pursue …

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10-member YALI team hold community project on child abuse in Ghana


Ten individuals from the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) embarked on a project in Ghana with the objective to create sensitization on child abuse and its effects on society. The group also looked into ways to prevent this problem. The group comprised the following individuals: Francis Amesawu, Frank Amo Boateng, Eleanor Gaysie, Adwoa Agyemang-Benneh, Priscilla Aprepary Adiweh, and Lily Botsyoe …

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