African Islands That You Definitely Want To Explore In 2019

Read about Sao tome island in 4 below. Photo by Gettyimages

While Seychelles, Mauritius, Zanzibar are some of the popular islands in Africa, there are other smaller African islands that we’d love to also see and know about.

Some of them might be more popular than others. One thing is clear though, we’d take these African islands over the Caribbeans because of their fascinating history, unique wildlife and beautiful beaches. They are as listed below

1. Djerba

The largest island of North Africa, Djerba is located off the coast of southern Tunisia. It is also home to the 1977 location of the Mos Eisley exterior scenes in the first Star Wars movie. Here, you can be sure of Arabian nights merged with beautiful sandy beaches — think turbans, camels, saltwater and of course, lots of sand.

2. Mayotte

Mayotte is a French country of islands between Mozambique and Madagascar, off east Africa, hence referred to as an archipelago. It is a beautiful paradise spot on the Indian ocean very popular to divers who come to spot amazing and rare animals such as corals, humpback whales, and lots more. Check out the reasons to explore Mayotte this year.

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3. Cape Verde

Located 570 kilometres off Senegal, Cape Verde is a collection of 10 islands which spread out into the Atlantic Ocean off Africa’s west coast. The small islands are known for their special offerings — Sal, is most popular for its calm sandy beaches while Santa Maria bay is more upbeat with the happening restaurants, bars, music and vibrant nightlife.

4. São Tomé

The African island of São Tomé is a large island off the western coast of Central Africa. It’s very reclusive but visitors that do make it have access to uncharted waters and go diving and snorkelling. There’s also the chocolate factory and the sleepy fishermen’s villages to explore.

5. Mumbo Island

Are you looking for a new, exclusive African experience? Well, then take a trip to the sparsely-populated Mumbo Island in Malawi. The crystal clear waters and hidden coves are perfect for swimming, hiking, snorkelling, kayaking and diving. The small island camp offers accommodation to only 14 guests in its private tents, which is only accessible by crossing a wooden bridge from Mumbo’s main beach.

The very hidden Mumbo island of Malawi [Safarinow]

6. Quirimbas & Bazaruto Archipelagos

Both contenders for romantic hideaway spots, these archipelagos are off the coast of Mozambique. They offer rare and endangered sea animals alongside powder-white beaches, palm trees, and clear turquoise waters. The collection of islands offer their own special touch and you can hop on a cruise to enjoy what each island has to offer. They also offer the usual water-related sports like snorkelling, diving, etc.

7. Lamu Island

Lamu Island is among the Lamu Archipelago islands of Kenya. A little more sleepy than the other islands, Lamu island offers culture and history in Lamu Old Town, which is one of the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa.

One of the biggest African islands is Madagascar which is also a country, but there are over a hundred more other islands on the continent. Now that you know of these great African islands, make plans to check them out if you can whether in person or via research, recommend them and kindly share this piece about them.

Source: ADAOBI ONYEAKAGBU/Pulse Nigeria

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