What is The African Diaspora Development Institute about?

Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao — file photo

The African Diaspora Development Institute (The ADDI) is an entity that was born out of the realization that there is no one stop shop for everything African. Business Communities around the world, African Diaspora, or people interested in African tourism have to visit 55 African countries in order to find out information about Africa. There’s definitely a need for a one-stop organization where people can go to get information about Africa.

In addition, realizing that African economic status is what it is today because of the massive exodus of Africa’s man power through the brain drain that has occurred over the past 400 years starting with slavery followed by the most recent immigrants who left Africa in search of greener pastures with the majority who came out to the United States or Europe or the Asian countries for Education.

Regardless of the reasons for migration, the end result is that Africa does not have the capacity that it needs to build the Africa that we want. More importantly, now that we are in the era of the African Continental Free-Trade Area, it is imperative that the children of Africa in the Diaspora return back home to Africa and join their brothers and sisters on the continent to build the Africa that we want.

The plan is to start the development of each region through the building of an African Diaspora Center of Excellence, aka Wakanda One Smart City. Each center of excellence will be a developmental hub for each region from which development will spread throughout the region.

For example, for each teaching hospital built in each Center of Excellence, aka Wakanda, there will be more teaching hospitals and clinics built strategically in a coordinated manner with specialized hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers in specific parts of the region, each designed to collectively deliver the best healthcare system to the region.

The same approach will be applied in every sector. Each center is going to be pillared on a University system with emphasis on healthcare, education and capacity building of skilled work force, entrepreneurs and innovators. The African Institute of technology will be part of the University system. The University system will deliver not only higher education but also technical and vocational training. An innovation center will be part of this system. The conditions on the ground in Africa demand that the education be responsible and designed to equip the workforce with the necessary tools to meet today as well as future work force needs.

In the interim it may be necessary in some cases to train to task the existing workforce such as nurse practitioners being trained to perform C-sections and clinical officers being trained to do cholecystectomies i.e. remove gallbladders. Such training to task could also be done in all the sectors. This will be necessary in order to meet urgent needs of now while we beef up the workforce.

In-service training for skills enhancement will be an integral part in the early stages of development/implementation.
Priority will be given to training the capacity needed to develop regional infrastructure and agriculture.

In a nutshell the Center of Excellence will develop into a first class city which will be the developmental hub for the region.

More information coming soon. Click here to join The ADDI movement to stay connected and watch/share this video below of Her Excellency Arikana Chihombori Quao M.D. shed light on it.

Source: The ADDI

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