A Twinsax fan is mesmerized by their performance and tenacity

A friend of mine invited me to an event one day to assist her in selling her pastries and I immediately agreed, not really understanding what I was saying yes to but only aware of the fact that I wanted to help a friend out.

the Twinsax; musicians and saxophonists

When the day of the event finally arrived, I got ready and set out to meet this friend at the appointed venue, it was a Sunday evening. Though I was thirty minutes late, I located the hall where the event was being held.

I had seen the shirts, flyers, and social media updates but none of that prepared me for what I encountered that evening, the event hall was filled to capacity, the music emanating from the hall filled the surroundings, I had to push my way to eventually get in amidst all the excitement.

I found my friend eventually, she too had quite a struggle to get in as the crowd was overwhelming. A couple of ushers came out to help us get inside which was very nice. When we got in, it was like a scene from a movie, the euphoria was phenomenal and could be felt from the energy that crowd had!

Looks on faces were simply amazing. I will never forget that moment in time, as I stood in the amidst the crowd selling cakes, I had least expected it to be of this magnitude. The crowd got more excited with each song performed. The dancing, the screams, you just couldn’t help but get carried away yourself. What made that night so special was not the instruments or the music, but rather it was the fact that it made you believe that you can actually do something bigger than yourself, that by chasing your dreams you automatically inspire others to do the same.

A lot of young people experience setbacks and disappointments, it can get very easy to just stop believing and accept the status quo. You see Sometimes in life it can feel like the floor has been taken out from under you and you find yourself in this downward spiral. You look around and all you have is broken pieces, and you can’t seem to wrap your mind around it, this wasn’t how you had expected your life to turn out.

However on that night something amazing happened, they gave us more than just music, they gave us hope. We actually started believing again, you just needed to be there to experience things for yourself, I wanted that moment to last forever.

So who were they you wonder? Well they were Twinsax; twin saxophonist and jazz gospel musician duo from Nigeria. What makes the Twinsax so special and extraordinary is that they are quite determined to keep going in spite of the naysayers and set backs. One of their favorite quotes is “being focused is a propeller for us to go farther in life. Get it at all cost!” But honestly what happened that night was more than just focus, it was grace, God’s grace.

Having a dream and having the tenacity to stand strong till you see it come to pass is very important. The twin saxophonist and jazz gospel musicians from Nigeria started music at age 9 and stayed the course, irrespective of the setbacks.

It can get very easy to give up on a dream especially when it takes time but Twinsax encourages us to believe that “God is still in the business of proving himself strong in the lives of those that deem it fit to believe in him“, so “doubtless and believe more”. And even though it seemed that evening their idol Jerry Omole whom they had always dreamt of performing with was not going to make it to the event vowing to delays, they twins never stopped believing and when Omole finally made his appearance, the looks on their faces was priceless.

That moment was to be remembered always, as the moment when a dream came true. The faith and tenacity of Twinsax is inspiring, it makes you believe that life can be so much more, that you can be so much more, if you just believe and don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams, that with God nothing is impossible, that you can touch lives, that your success can be a blessing to so many people, that life doesn’t have to be a boring melodrama, that it can be jazzed up and amplified.

Source: This piece was written by Alawa Leela who had attended a Twinsax concert in Nigeria and shared her experience. Editing by Oral Ofori of

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