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Exploring Ghana as it Prepares to Celebrate 60th Independence Day

Ghana, the first nation in West Africa to win independence from colonial rule, has served a mecca for a number of African-American leaders — W.E.B. Du Bois, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and even more recently, President Barack Obama. A good portion of the country’s history is tied to the Philadelphia region where Ghana’s first prime minister and …

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Koby Maxwell to celebrate Ghana independence in American Diaspora

Ghana actor Chris Attoh to host Koby Maxwell event The west African nation of Ghana will turn 59 on March 2016 and as part of celebrations, Koby Maxwell, a Ghanaian entertainer and artist based in the USA will be hosting his annual Ghana independence celebrations ball to commemorate the event. Koby Maxwell begun the independence celebrations for Ghanaians living in …

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Koby Maxwell Celebrates Ghana at 56 with friends in the Diaspora

  As part of plans to celebrate the 56th anniversary of Ghana, Koby Maxwell is hosting a number of Ghanaian and other African artists to join hands in celebrating the beauty and culture of the African entertainment industry. Fellow movie stars, musicians and philanthropist of non-African origin will also be in attendance. The event will be held at Lanham Maryland, USA. …

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