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Bishop Adonteng Boateng commends Franconia Police in Fairfax Virginia

“We just want to say thank you for all the wonderful work you do to protect the community like providing security, maintaining law and order and ensuring safety”, were the words of Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng as he spoke in his capacity as an International Police Chaplain in the United States (US) during his visit to the Franconia Police at the Franconia …

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Women Empowerment Will Be Africa’s Second Liberation

Women Empowerment

The Women Advancing Africa (WAA) Forum launched August 2017 in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam with a call on Women Empowerment to take centre stage in Africa’s economic liberation. The forum is an initiative of the Graça Machel Trust and celebrates the critical role women play in development. It also provides a platform to showcase women’s leadership and how that can be used …

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A Silver Lining In Panama Papers For Africa

Africa is not the only corrupt continent according to the Panama Papers. That message is the silver lining for Africans in the Panama Papers scandal — a collection of documents linking 143 politicians (and their family members and cronies) to outrageous sums of stolen cash hidden in a topsy-turvy network of offshore bank accounts and shell companies. Yes, Africans are …

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